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cyril-Huze-fast-newsHarley-Davidson Voluntary Recall in Canada Of Some Breakout Models. A total of 297 Breakout models are affected by a programming error causing the lit area of the taillight to be dimmer than required by Canada Motor Vehicle Lighting Safety Regulations. Harley-Davidson dealers will reprogram the corresponding settings of the body in the control module and restore full functionality to these bikes. It is possible that some US models may be affected with the same issue and Harley-Davidson is investigating.

Ducati Announces Flat Motorcycle Sales Growth in 2013. Italian manufacturer Ducati sold 44,287 motorcycles in the year, up only 0.42 percent from 44,102 units sold in 2012. Around 51 percent sales were recorded in Europe, 24 percent in North America and the remaining 25 percent in Asia and South America. The United States represent 24% of sales, continuing to be the largest market for Ducati, followed by Italy with 11.3% and Germany with 10.7%. Results for 2013 also confirm positive sales trend in emerging markets such as Asia, which grew by 26% compared to 2012 with 5,200 motorcycles sold. Ducati recently started sales operations in Brazil in second half of 2013, and has already delivered 700 motorcycles. Ducati expects to see again growth in 2014 after rolling out the new Monster 1200 and the 1199 Superleggera (a limited edition of just 500 units which was already 90 percent sold-out before its official presentation at the Milan show). Ducati has a sales network of 817 dealers across 88 countries.announced its re-entry into the Indian market

Victory named Official Partner of World Largest Global Mixed Martial Art Tournament. The same way Harley-Davidson is since 2008 a core sponsor of The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Victory Motorcycles announced that they are the “Official Motorcycle Partner” of Bellator MMA, the world’s largest global tournament based mixed martial arts. Today Friday, February 28th, live on Spike TV, the alliance will formally kick off for 2014 during Bellator’s Premiere from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. Victory Motorcycles will be strategically integrated throughout the Bellator broadcast and digital platforms. In addition to premium logo placement on the cage mat canvas, and commercial inventory on Spike, Victory will present a custom in-show feature before the main event. The segment will be named “Keys to Victory” and highlight what fighters must do to win the bout.

Europe Might Make eCall Emergency Systems Mandatory On Motorcycles. Rumors in the industry claim that “eCall” systems could become mandator or motorcycles will not receive the homologation needed for sale and legal operation on European roads. Such devices and technologies are part of a bigger effort to curb fatalities and severe injuries which tend to quickly develop into complications after not being treated in time. The eCall system is currently being developed in multiple countries around the world, by safety companies and institutes, as well as by motorcycle manufacturers. The tested system can tell an accident from a simple helmet dropped on the ground or a bike flipped in the parking lot. Localization services allow the medical teams to reach the crash site faster, by choosing the best routes, and being able to provide critical aid quicker. In the medical world, accidents have the so-called “golden hour” period, a time fame in which the medical aid is most valuable and can prevent fatalities and aggravated injuries.  While the cost increases are acknowledged by the European Union, it is explained that the benefits are significantly larger. Spain is the first country which started implementing the eCall system in motorcycles.

Japanese companies Lobby Against Vietnam’s Plan To Restrict Motorcycles. Motorcycles are the most common mode of transportation for Vietnamese citizens in urban areas, but their great numbers have resulted in heavy traffic congestion in the morning and evening as well as serious air pollution. In addition, an average of 26 people are killed daily across the country in traffic accidents, most involving motorcycles. The government last year set a goal of reducing the number of registered motorcycles to 36 million by 2020 (there are now 37 million for a population of 90 million). Local media have reported the government is considering imposing a ban in stages on motorcycles entering highly congested areas, as well as restricting the number of motorcycles a household can own. The three Japanese manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki) account for an estimated 80% of the country’s annual sales.


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