Elite Brake Arms And Floorboards

Brouhard1Brouhard2Designed by Carl Brouhard, these Elite Brake Arms are now available for the 2014 Harley-Davidson FL models.

They are of course more stylish than your factory ones and very sturdy. Made of 6061 Billet Aluminum and available in chrome or black anodize with offset cut. They also fit Harley 97-07 FLHT, 08-13 FLHT 14 FL and 2000 and later FLST models. MSRP $319.95.

On the bottom picture, brake arm shown with Elite Edge floorboard. Measures 18”x 5”.  Made of 6061 Billet Aluminum. Adjustable mount to allow the floorboards to be installed 1″ forward, or 1″ back.

Also available in black anodize with contrast cut. They fit all FL models and FLST models. Proudly made in the USA. $497.95.

All parts can be ordered through Drag Specialties or at Better Baggers  or 916-660-9710.

5 Responses to “Elite Brake Arms And Floorboards”

  1. 1 Terence Tory Mar 13th, 2014 at 8:33 am

    So,three hundred dollars plus for a brake lever? Uh-Huh.

    The floorboard design seems O.K. and quite functional.

  2. 2 Knucklehead on a Panhead Mar 13th, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Being somewhat of a “realist”……I give the footboards a “two thumbs down” due to the fact that it would be a matter of time before my jeans and/or chaps would “snag” the sharp edge on the end of the board. Imagine this if you will….You’re going through town in stop and go traffic and you’re approaching a stop light when instinct tells you to put your feet down to cpmplete your stop (duh)…..BUT…..Little do you know the back of your jeans have inadvertedly “looped” over the sharp edge of the board! Most likely little to no injury to bike or body, but it sure gives ya an adrenaline rush when you can’t put your foot down to hold your bike up! It sounds trivial……But, I have had it happen when I had a set of forward controls that had a lower peg in conjunction with the standard upper shifter peg. Kinda reminds me of playing horse shoes and the shoe catches the pole and does a 360 before planting a ringer.

    As far as look are concerned, They are kind of “perty” though! I wouldn’t buy them as I’m a patina kind of guy myself.

    That’s just my two cents worth….

  3. 3 George Kay Mar 13th, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    That’s quite a lot for something so small like that brake lever, and I agree with Knucklehead about getting your pant leg caught. That split second of unhooking yourself could be the difference of making it to the bathroom and wetting yourself from thinking you’re about to smash in to someone, even at low speeds.

  4. 4 Clark Mar 13th, 2014 at 4:40 pm


  5. 5 BigAlyts Mar 17th, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Boy you would have told the Guys above that these are pure Custom Parts that are for Trailer Queens o ly! Price is not an Issue for a TQ only Looks Count.

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