Brake Disc Locks With Alarm System

Abus0Abus1Abus2If your choice of motorcycle anti-theft device is a brake disc lock, you may be interested by these 3 models with a 3D detection system with an alarm of at least 100 db. Like many others, they are small and the lock mechanism is made of special hardened steel with an excellent corrosion protection. But these ones have an important added safety feature: an alarm function on basis of a vibration detection system, meaning that every impact attack is detected.

abus3They can be transported in locked position without activating the detection system thanks to a special manual activation button integrated into the “Snap and Go” mechanism. Multi-colored LED and different acoustic signals inform about battery life, activation and alarm status. The lock closes and activates automatically when pressed onto the brake disc. Two keys are supplied with each lock. Sold with two AAA standard batteries for alarm function and a “memory Cable” as reminder. MSRP $139.00. Questions? Contact ABUS  at 623-516-9933 or

Cyril Huze