Öhlins Racing AB Safety Recall Notice For TTX 36 Shocks

OhlinsÖhlins has determined that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain batches and part numbers of aftermarket TTX36 (TTX GP, TTX RT & TTX36 MKII) MC shock absorbers produced between 11-06-2013 and 02-19-2015.

Therefore you are strongly urged to stop using the motorcycle until the shock absorber has been removed or corrected. It can be a safety issue to use the bike with the faulty shock absorber on the bike

Öhlins Racing AB is conducting a campaign to recall all the affected aftermarket TTX36 shock absorbers of the models and batches rectify the issue. To determine if your shock is affected by the recall, and the steps to take if so, go to Öhlins Recall Notice.

Cyril Huze