Touring Edition™ 400 Watts Motorcycle Speaker System By UNiQ Cycle Sounds

touringspeakersUNiQ Cycle Sounds announces the Touring Edition™ motorcycle speaker system designed to give riding enthusiasts the superior sound quality and entertainment they desire. The Touring Edition™ features 400-watt Pioneer™ speakers rated for highway conditions along with built in FM radio, MP3 playback and Bluetooth® capable.

The Touring Edition™ is weatherproof and withstands vibrations and heat. The push button remote is also waterproof and offers convenient access to volume, tracks, FM and source. The system includes 16GB of USB storage and a built in FM radio and will also work with your audio device or mobile phone. The triple plated chrome steel housing adds a stylish touch or opt for the Gloss or Flat black powder coat option.

The system is engineered to work with any motorcycle and comes with a self-install kit. Custom options include a chrome or black finish and mounting on highway bars, handlebars or racks. The system is universal and works with or without a windshield on any motorcycle. UNiQ Cycle Sounds provides a lifetime warranty. UNiQ Cycle Sounds 888-864-7721

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  1. 1 RokDoctor Jan 30th, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    Actually pretty reasonable pricing and good reviews. Cool.

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