2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 6 Results.

cn00Thursday’s start found riders anxious to hit the road with high spirits. Milling about to greet one another is a favorite way to start the day, regardless of the overcast skies. There’s plenty of sunshine among our crowd. There are 9 riders who have come off the list and at least 3 of those have gone home.

cn0For the second day in a row, they are are still 66 riders at the starting line but 14 came in on the trailers the night before,. So breakdowns are still happening The deluge smacked hard in the afternoon didn’t help things either. Magnetos seem to be particularly upset as the weather witch wreaks havoc with the ancient machines, but the riders continue to smile. Simple things like dry clothes and boots followed by a nice dinner go a long way in soothing the soul…

cn3Stage 7 into Kansas has the radar showing a nasty green cloud of moisture along Friday’s route, so we’ll let you know if anyone is still smiling by the time the riders reach Cannonball rider #24, Kelly Modlin’s museum tonight. Dinner will be held at the newly opened Twisted Oz museum and everybody is anxious to check it out. Hope he has waterproof furniture. Riders just might be a little soggy. Results after the jump.


Cyril Huze