2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 9 Results.

12With the contribution of Felicia Morgan.
A thick fog enshrouded the starting line for the Motorcycle Cannonball on Monday morning, the 9th day into the a 16 day trek across these great United States. Riders were anxious to hit the road after the day off and were milling about when out of the dampness stepped an ominous figure. The Grim Reaper himself showed up to flag the riders off the line.

Turns out a sense of humor is still intact with Cole Deister, who drives the sweep bus that carries downed riders once their bikes are loaded onto the trailers. He decided it would be great fun to rattle the contenders first thing in the morning and showed up to flag the race in a grip reaper costume. With 21 riders still clinging to their perfect scores, a trip on his bus would mean death of the dream of taking home a Jeff Decker original sculpture. Riders General gave the creepy guy a wide berth as 71 hopeful contenders headed off in the dampness towards Colorado.

4Weather warmed up quickly and by noon temps were in the 90’s across the flats of Kansas. Gone were the lush forests, exchanged for the open spans of horizon and level blacktop. Engines ran well despite the heat and by day’s end riders hit the pits with plans to change the gearing to facilitate the steep climb into the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday afternoon.

3The dreaded Wolf Creek Pass, at an elevation of 10,856-feet, will render the smaller engines idle and test the mettle of all who tackle the mountain. In order to save the engines, an offer to trailer the bikes over the peak has been made by organizers, though riders will lose the points for the miles they do not ride. It’s a sure bet that top contenders like Dean Bordigioni, Jeff Tiernan, Byrne Bramwell and Frank Westfall will do the distance., hell or high water.

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