Vintage Motorcycles Racing Is Back In Australia

Vintage motorcycle racing returns in many countries around the world. In Australia, it’s beach racing on the south coast, where races will be held for the first time since 1953. The Levis Motorcycle Club will host a two-day classic event at Sellicks Beach on February 18 and 19 featuring competitors from every mainland Australian state. A field of 110 motorcycles manufactured before 1963 have entered to race across five classes – under 125cc through to 501cc – 1300cc. Sidecar races will also be held.

The two-day event will feature 46 races including heats and finals. Most will be scratch races but some handicap races will also be run. The 1.6km (1 mile) track is the same length as the original track and takes riders 800m down the beach before rounding a hairpin for the 800m return journey. The crowd will line the beach along with hospitality tents and vans providing food and drinks. The Levis Motorcycle Club, the oldest motorcycle club in South Australia, began beach racing in the 1920s and held annual Sellicks Beach Speed Trials in summer through to 1953. Re-enactments were held in 1986 and 1992 but regular races have not taken place on the beach for more than 60 years


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  1. 1 Gym Feb 4th, 2017 at 11:29 am

    They have been racing vintage motocross in Roo-landia for decades, nothing new.

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