Slip-on mufflers for 2017 Harley Davidson Touring Models

All exhaust manufacturers are rushing to be one of the first to propose slip-ons for the 2017 HD Touring models.

supertrapp1The new Kerker Stout by Supertrapp is a 4” slip-on featuring a high-flow 2.5” core forperformance gains and a deep, throaty sound that won’t overpower a radio when cruising. Opening the throttle unleashes a menacing exhaust note that reflects the performance background of Kerker Exhaust! Available in Show Chrome or Black High-Temperature Ceramic finish with a matching billet aluminum end cap. These units are completely rebuildable. No tuning is required. Kerker Stout Chrome: MSRP $749.00, Part Number 140-78228. Kerker Stout Black: MSRP $769.00, Part Number 147-78228.

supertrapp2The new Kerker Slash slip-on is also available. Like the Stout, it features a high-flow 2.5” core that is completely rebuildable. The muffler body is finished with a slash down 45 degree cut. A mellow sound while cruising turns into a deep, strong growl when accelerating! The Kerker Slash is available in Show Chrome. No tuning is required. Kerker Slash Chrome: MSRP $499.00, Part Number 128-78132

To hear these slip-ons, go HERE. Supertrapp products are made in the USA.hear both the Stouts and the Slash. Supertrapp products are made in the USA. Contact them at 216-265-8400

Cyril Huze