Motoauct.Com. A New Online Auction Platform Dedicated To Vintage Motorcycles.

Founded by two vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, Jason Delacroix and Jason Williams, the site Motoauct.Com went live in October 2017 and started gathering its first users immediately. With over forty years of experience with vintage bike auctions, restoration and sales between them, the two founders wanted to make things easy for buyers and sellers while also providing a forum for vintage devotees to congregate, comment, share and revel in their mutual passion for old machines. Owners state that offers big savings over “tent-pole” auction houses and builds community among vintage motorcycle fans through its interactive bidding process and social platforms.

Motoauct.Com will be set up an ready to answer questions at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California, on November 17–19. Held at the Long Beach Convention Center, the IMS is one of a series of shows brought to you by Progressive Insurance that features bike demos, stunt shows, seminars, build-offs, and live interviews and shows with local and national motorcycle builders and personalities. The team will be set up on-site, interacting with patrons and demonstrating how easy it is for participants to buy and sell on an online, auction-style platform without leaving the comfort of their own home. For a limited time, as a promotion to celebrate the launch of the site and participation in its first motorcycle show, Motoauct.Com is offering 60 days’ worth of free listings for registered users.

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  1. 1 John Adams Nov 15th, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Very nice idea and platform, I suspect they will do very well!

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