MeanStreet New Old School Front End


With the return of the Bobber, retro front ends are everywhere (including on my bikes). Every week my fax machine is spitting pictures of new Springers, new Girders & new Spring Leaf type front ends. Made in America or, unfortunately, more and more manufactured in China. Most are “me-too” products without any plus, technically or aesthetically.

Then the MeanStreet brothers, Tim & Mike Hanlon, showed me the pictures of the new “Rumbler” front end. My reaction? Not for everybody (meaning not all retro bikes), but at least it’s different, original & quite cool. All what a custom builder wishes for his next project.  In addition it is offered both in mid & wide glide, in any length (minus or over stock), and a choice of polish, chrome or black, or mix & match. MeanStreet Front Ends.

Cyril Huze