Alu, Black & Blue

I am not much in bolt-on seats for any custom bike, but I must admit that there are a few available that I could use on my bobbers to both look great and save a lot of money.

Not necessary to wait for the boat coming from China with its new load of flakes vinyl seats. Flyrite Choppers has one of the best selection of spring solo seats with unusual patterns at a very reasonable prices.

The seats are made in the USA by the boys of Flyrite. This one, for example, is 13" x 9.5" (my preferred seat size) in brushed aluminum (love it), black & metallic blue. Sold with all the hardware: 2 springs, bracket, bolts, nuts & washers. Does your Bobber deserve one? On their site, quite a few other cool parts for all your Chopper or Bobber needs.   

Cyril Huze