Did You Talk To My Primal Instinct?

Email a great picture and talk to my primal instinct, and I will immediately read your email and follow the link leading to your website. I went to the PRIMAL website. Here what they tell me: “Its time to break the mold and live out loud. The time has come and the possibilities are endless”. Hey guys, I did it a long, long time ago.  Then the pitch: “All our products can be custom made to your design ideas. Get the look you desire with PRIMAL motorcycle products. We deliver superior quality and style when you need it”. Sounds very good to me.  I have ideas and always need something unique for my clients. I never heard before about PRIMAL, but the fact that they are backed by Team Industries, Inc. a 1200 person, vertically-integrated company that manufactures products designed in-house by creative engineers for the automotive industry should make us feel secure. Like all Builders, I have a liability concern. I just regret that their website shows only Open Belt Systems. And yes, they are very radical. Follow your instinct. Pay a visit to PRIMAL


Cyril Huze