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Harley-Davidson Three-Dimensional Machete Wheel And Sprocket.

Slice through air and light with the new Machete Custom Wheels ($799.95 each) from Harley-Davidson®. Finished in either brilliant mirror-chrome or sinister black ice, this wheel features seven three-dimensional cutting-edge spokes that catch the light and are shaped to imply motion, even when the motorcycle is standing still. Available in 21 or 16-inch fronts and a […]

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

Hydraulic Clutch Upgrade For Late Harley Touring Models

BDL new hydraulic clutch (part # BPP-500HYD) is conceived to improve touring clutch performance. It is specifically designed for late touring.. models with Harley-Davidson hydraulic clutch (non CVO models). The patented Ball Bearing lock up design works with 45 – 5/16″ steel ball bearings. While the BPP-500HYD is designed to work with the stock spring, […]

Spectro Oils

Spectro Performance Oils Answer Your Questions

Question. What does the API rating mean and how do you tell what is needed for your application, i.e.; Harley motorcycles, Truck etc.? Answer By Spectro Performance Oils. To ensure quality levels and compatibility oils have a “rating” system to help consumers decide what oil is right for their vehicle. There are several organizations that […]

Progressive Suspension

The New Indian Scout The Way You Never Saw It. Naked.

Not surprisingly, I receive daily a flurry of emails , mostly technical questions, regarding the all-new 2015 Indian Scout. You want to know more about the engine and 6-speed transmission. So, let me summarize again the available info, followed by some CAD renderings that Indian Motorcycle graciously provided to me. The 2015 Indian Scout is […]

Spectro Performance Oils. Alex Josefson Is New President

Following the retirement of Dave Miller who was the President since 2003, Alex Josefson, grandson of founder Robert H. Wehman and son of Thomas Josefson and Barbara Wehman Josefson, both current vice presidents, has been named President of Intercontinental Lubricants Inc., the parent company of Spectro Oils. Also joining the management are Alex Josefson bothers […]

From Old School To New School EMD Has Your Touring Bike Covered

Esteves Motorcycle Design (EMD) now offers primary covers for ’07-’14 Harley-Davidson touring bikes in two radically different styles. Responding to current demand for old-school themes, the Snatch is a cast aluminum primary cover featuring a raised ribbed design. The Snatch strives to capture and celebrate the soul of those elusive vintage aftermarket pieces that sometimes […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Old School Ribbed Primary Cover For Softail Twin Cam Models

Nothing wrong with the Harley factory primary cover of its Softail Twin Cam models. Except it’s somewhat boring with a “flat” design that has been used since so many years. If you want to add some bad-ass character and old school styling to the left side of your recent Softail, the Snatch cover is an […]

Losing Weight At The Pulley. BDL Launches Ultra Light Transmission Pulleys.

Regarding automative matters, weight is often the enemy. True for transmissions. So, Belt drives LTD. just released a collection of new super duty, light weight transmission pulleys. for both stock and high performance applications. These high tech pulleys are precision machined to aircraft quality tolerances from super tough 7075 aluminum. Weighing in at just 2 […]

Making Your Modern Evo or Twin Cam Harley-Davidson Look Vintage

You all recognized the tin primary cover used on the Harley-Davidson  Knucklehead and Panhead. But this one is slightly different, keeping with the original style to help you make your 1989 to 2006 Big Twin Evo or Twin Cam look somewhat vintage. Of course, for this purpose, you will have to do much more than […]

New Screamin’ Eagle Chain Adjuster To Increase Primary Drive Durability

It Permits the Manual Adjustment of the Primary Chain Tension and Locks it in Place. Ideal for bikes equipped with big-displacement, high-performance (100-plus horsepower) engines. This anodized billet aluminum tension adjuster is a direct replacement for the Original Equipment automatic adjuster. It permits fine-tuning of the primary chain freeplay and locks the chain tension in […]

New Sprockets From Evolution Industries. More Teeth Choice.

Evolution Industries introduces these all new super tough race quality steel Power-Drive Sprocket Kits. Sprockets are available in hard to find 47,48,49,51,52 and 53 teeth and have the ID to accept most late model Harley and aftermarket wheels. All sprockets are manufactured from quality USA made 1045 steel and are heat treated after machining to […]

BDL 2” Open Belt For Harley Baggers Includes 4 Interchangeable Covers

Don’t know which open belt cover style will look the best on your Bagger? Changing your mind later? The 2” Open Belt System by Belt Drives Ltd. is sold with 4 interchangeable domes to choose from. Play with all of them to choose the one you like the most, black, polished, solid or cut through […]

Spectro Oils Answer Your Questions. Yellow Metals In Transmission.

Question: “Is Spectro Heavy Duty 6-Speed GL-5 transmission oil safe for yellow metals (bearings, bushings) in the transmission? Your data sheet indicates a GL-5 rating. Some discussions, including the Mobil-1 website, state that the additives in GL-5 oils are detrimental to “yellow metal” parts in the transmission. Is your GL-5 transmission oil different?” Answer: “Spectro […]

Shotgun Gear Shift Linkage For Harleys

These shift linkages are made out of billet aluminum for the rod part with polished stainless aircraft quality rod ends. Available in chrome or black anodized for Harley Sportsters 2004-up ($99.95) and Softails & Touring models 1986-up ($149.95, transmission lever included) At Landmark Manufacturing.

How It’s Made. Watch How A Baker Drivetrain Transmission Is Being Built.

Your engine And Transmission Are In Harm’s Way And You Don’t know.

Many don’t know, some don’t want to know and others forget. Motor friction creates unwanted metal particles, creating a contamination that is circulated millions of times between each of your oil changes, polishing (wearing) down the metal until the engine is worn out. These particles are measured in microns and don’t expect your oil filter […]

Küryakyn Introduces Expanded “Bahn” Line For Victory Models

Slowly but surely, the range of after-market parts for Victory models is expanding. Küryakyn introduces a new line of covers and accents named “Bahn” (the German word for road or street.) Initial products in Küryakyn’s Bahn line include left and right side ignition covers, as well as crank and clutch covers with other products in […]

Baker Drivetrain Offers A One-Week Turnaround Transmission Rebuild And Update Program

Your transmission is stock Harley or Big Dog or Baker out of warranty. Maybe your transmission is starting to drip oil or you are missing 1 or 2 gears. You want your tranny to be fixed right and fast. Who better than BAKER, the Drivetrain Authority to do it?  How fast? What about 1 week or […]

S&S Cycle Viola V-Twin Now Offers U.S. Made Cometic Gasket Kits For Vintage And Latest Bike Models

S&S Cycle has added Cometic® gasket kits to its Viola V-Twin (VVT) line of quality service parts for maintenance and repair of American v-twin motorcycle engines. VVT carries engine gasket kits and top end gasket kits for 1948-present Harley-Davidson® big twins and 1986-present Sportster® models. This offering brings superior gasket technology to vintage bikes as […]

5 and 6 Speed Countershaft Bearing Remover and Installer Tool

This new JIMS® exclusive and patent pending tool will install or remove the closed end countershaft bearing on all 5-Speed, or 6-Speed transmissions without using a press or tapping it in with a transmission shaft. For use on all H-D Cruise Drive      6-Speeds, 5-Speed Twin Cam, and Evo including 6-speed right side drive and aftermarket […]

Have You Ever Tried Motorcycle Gaskets Made Of Molded Rubber Over Steel?

Gaskets are not not the sexiest parts of your motorcycle and not the easiest for me to talk about to interest all of you. But those who are professionals or tinker in their garage know that all gaskets are  not born equal. Which makes the difference between no-trouble leak proof components from first installation to […]

Does Your Bike Has What It Takes To Be Featured In The 2014 BAKER Drivetrain Calendar

Each year, BAKER Drivetrain produces a semi-racy poster sized calendars. Each year, until now, they have featured a custom bike built in-house sporting the latest and greatest of BAKER products, and of course featuring a pretty girl straddling it. This year they decided to feature your bike if it’s very cool and it uses some […]

Cruise Drive Trap Door & Shifter Shaft Upgrade By JIMS USA

This new JIMS Cruise Drive upgrade kit was designed to give your transmission positive shifting and shaft centerline integrity to handle today’s performance powertrains. The upgraded 6061 precision-machined aluminum trap door holds transmission shaft centerlines to within .0005” and incorporates wider, heavy duty bearings. These bearings are retained with beveled retaining rings to eliminate bearing […]

Details, Details. The Black Gasket For Those Using A Black Primary.

For the detail-oriented riders. Now you can eliminate the silver shadow line visible between a black engine and a black inner primary cover when a standard gasket kit is used. It can be installed any time the primary has been removed for engine service or installation of other accessories. The black gasket is composed of the […]




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