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Ness Big Shot 2 Fuel Tuner

Installing a new exhaust or upgrading your bike air cleaner always requires a re-adjustment of your fuel system. It used to be that you had to play with screws and jets to find the optimal fuel power curve. Several systems are now available to let you add or subtract fuel from your bike fuel injection […]

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

S&S Cycle 2nd Annual T124 Engine Demo Days. At Sturgis Dragway August 5-6.

For the second year, S&S Cycle is organizing the T124 Engine Demo Days. If you are at least 21 years old with a valid license, you will be able to demo the S&S 124” engine bike on the Sturgis Dragway located 20523 79 in Sturgis is open to licensed drivers 21 years of age or […]

Spectro Oils

Did You Step Up Your Bike Performance With S&S Cycle Products? Show How On Facebook And Win Prizes.

S&S Cycle just started The “Step Up Contest And Giveaway.” All bikers in the v-twin community are invited to send to pictures and details of the S&S performance upgrades that they have performed to their motorcycles. How did you step up to the performance game may be illustrated by pictures showing your bike with S&S […]

Progressive Suspension

Prototype Engine Rocker Covers From EMD USA

During the 6th edition of the Born-Free Vintage Chopper & Classic Motorcycle Show this weekend June 28-29 at the Oak Canyon Ranch, CA EMD will launch some new interesting old school cast aluminum parts. Above is a preview of the prototypes to be unveiled. WTF Rocker Boxes for Shovel and Sportster displayed here on Sportster […]

Black S&S® E & G Carb Kits With ThunderJet® Available From Zipper’s

You probably know that the S&S Shorty “E” & “G” is the most popular carburetor ever. Not surprisingly, the new black finish version is in very high demand and not so easy to get. FYI, Zipper’s Performance has black-finish S&S® E/G carburetors, with or without a ThunderJet® installed, in stock and ready to ship. You […]

In My Mailbox

Question.  “Cyril, I am confused. What is Viola V-Twin versus S&S Cycle?” Answer.  “Viola is the village in Wisconsin where S&S Cycle is installed since 1969. Viola V-Twin is the service parts side of S&S Cycle whose mission is to provide the bike owners and independent shops with a one stop source for service parts […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

S&S Cycle Proven Performance®. The Final Episode. Break Free.

Don’t miss the conclusion of the S&S Proven Performance® video series. In this third and final episode, S&S Cycle main man is running out of time in his quest to Break Free from the repression of the “Stock Corps”. We witness his unwavering resolve to improve the performance of his motorcycle despite the eminent threat […]

Another Wolf In Hog’s Clothing. Faster Than The Average Harley-Davidson CVO Model.

S&S Cycle has had a lot of requests or performance upgrades for 2007 and later Harley-Davidson® CVO 110 engines. Seems like folks think the big hogs are a little lacking in the grunt department. And when customers ask for something, S&S Cycle is listening.. It’s taken a little while but …Viola! Here they are! S&S […]

Quiet Bagger Power

Quiet enough to not drown out your sound system, but loud enough to feel like riding a Harley-Davidson bagger. Zippers Performance Products offers a Zip Kit powered by ThunderMax® offering a trifecta of improvements for a smoother, cooler and more powerful bagger. The zip Kit is delivered pre-mapped and ready to install. Watch the video. […]

EZ-Just Harley CV Carburetor Mixture Screw

Tuning your Harley-Davidson CV Keihin carburetor is a little bit easier with this custom EZ Mixture screw. Once installed, a quick turn with your fingers allows you to adjust and fine tune the air/idle mixture for better idle control, low speed performance while eliminating hesitation. It gives you more fine tuning options without burning your […]

Challenge The Road. Not The Law. S&S Offers Street Legal Engines For The US And Europe.

Don’t let increasingly stringent emissions laws and stronger enforcement stop you from installing a bigger engine in your Harley-Davidson® big twin or from building custom bikes. S&S Cycle has emissions compliant engines for both custom building, replacement and improvement. No more licensing hassles or costly emissions compliance testing. S&S has already done the testing, so […]

New Zipper’s Performance High Compression 110” CVO Piston Kits

Co-designed by Zipper’s and Wiseco Engineering during the development of Zipper’s Muscle 110 kit, these powerful forged pistons are stated as having superior features over the competition. These pistons are forged from 2618 material and are designed to be strong, durable and light in weight – everything you need in a high performance piston! The […]

S&S Cycle. Don’t Settle For Stock.

This is the second episode of the S&S Cycle Proven Performance video series “Don’t Settle For Stock.” In the first episode you witnessed life in the “Stockyard”, dull, monotonous, and stifling, with a repressive regime a man who has chosen not to settle…In this second video, he finds out that he is not alone, and […]

Postcards From May 24th Norway Bike Fest

In this small country of 5.3 million people located in the western part of Scandinavia in Northern Europe, because of latitude, from May to July, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon in a big part of his territory. Conversely, from late November to late January, the sun never rises above the horizon in […]

Ness Engine Stabilizer For Touring Models

A nice custom touch for your 2009-up Harley touring models. Replaces your stock engine link. Constructed from billet aluminum with spherical bearings machined with a counter bore for clean flush mounted hardware. Available in chrome or black anodize finish in 2 designs “Hole Shot” and “Deep Cut”. At Arlen Ness.

Dimple Magnetic Oil Plugs Demonstrated

Demonstrating Dimple Motor Oil Magnet Plugs.

Classic Sudco / Mikuni Carburetor Kit For Early Harley Models

The Sudco engineered Mikuni VM38 Round Slide Harley Carburetor Kit is a great replacement performance upgrade for a tired-out stock carburetors on early model Harley-Davidson models like old Sportsters, Shovelheads, Panheads, and maybe the retro looking carburetor fitting the style of your new Bar Hopper or Cafe Racer because it can also be installed on […]

S&S Cycle Proven Performance. Episode One. The Stockyard.

S&S Cycle wants you to imagine a world where the powers say you can’t upgrade your bike’s performance the way you want. Imagine a place and time where the enforcement of conformity is absolute. This place is called “The Stockyard”. There seems to be no way out, no way to make your bike truly yours, […]

EPA Acknowledges That Ethanol 15 Damages Motorcycles And ATV Engines.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has publicly acknowledged that ethanol in gasoline can damage internal combustion engines by increasing exhaust temperatures and indirectly causing component failures, the American Motorcyclist Association (EPA) reports. The EPA statement is contained in a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule proposal about a new label for pumps that supply fuel […]

New Quiet Harley-Davidson Bagger Power By Thundermax. Install. Ride. Smile

Zippers Performance released a new Quiet Power Bagger Zip Kit powered by Thundermax. It includes a trifecta of electronic improvements to make your Harley-Davidson Bagger more powerful while running cooler and smoother, and all this without drowning out your sound system… (see the video after the jump) A propriatery high flow air filter let your […]

New Velocity Stack From Bare Knuckle Choppers

Since almost a decade now, retro is the favorite theme of most factory and custom bikes. One more way to look classic or vintage is offered by Bare Knuckle Choppers with this new very nice looking velocity stack conceived to fit the very popular S&S Cycle E & G and also Linkert 4-bolt carburetors (no […]

S&S Cycle Stealth Air Cleaner. Let’s Get The Record Straight About Legality In California.

In a recent email communication to its clients and media, S&S Cycle stated something in a way that could be taken wrong, and in some cases, it has been. So S&S wants to set the record straight. “On February 18th of this year, we sent out an email with a title “No Longer Breaking The […]

S&S Cycle Delivers All The Power You Need. Even If It’s For Singing. Ask Rockin’ Jasmine Cain.

S&S Cycle comes to the rescue of the Jasmine Cain’s band…

How Can I tell If I Have An Intake Leak? Answer By S&S Cycle.

You know or may not know the symptoms. They go from hesitation to lean conditions to engine overheating and many others. An intake leak will not be limited to just the manifold seals. It could be worn throttle shafts, cracked or hard vacuum lines (i.e. V.O.E.S. hose), loose mounts and many others. S&S Cycle says […]

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