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New Quiet Harley-Davidson Bagger Power By Thundermax. Install. Ride. Smile

Zippers Performance released a new Quiet Power Bagger Zip Kit powered by Thundermax. It includes a trifecta of electronic improvements to make your Harley-Davidson Bagger more powerful while running cooler and smoother, and all this without drowning out your sound system… A propriatery high flow air filter let your Bagger breathe deeply, and the ThunderMax® […]

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New Velocity Stack From Bare Knuckle Choppers

Since almost a decade now, retro is the favorite theme of most factory and custom bikes. One more way to look classic or vintage is offered by Bare Knuckle Choppers with this new very nice looking velocity stack conceived to fit the very popular S&S Cycle E & G and also Linkert 4-bolt carburetors (no […]

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S&S Cycle Stealth Air Cleaner. Let’s Get The Record Straight About Legality In California.

In a recent email communication to its clients and media, S&S Cycle stated something in a way that could be taken wrong, and in some cases, it has been. So S&S wants to set the record straight. “On February 18th of this year, we sent out an email with a title “No Longer Breaking The […]

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S&S Cycle Delivers All The Power You Need. Even If It’s For Singing. Ask Rockin’ Jasmine Cain.

S&S Cycle comes to the rescue of the Jasmine Cain’s band…

How Can I tell If I Have An Intake Leak? Answer By S&S Cycle.

You know or may not know the symptoms. They go from hesitation to lean conditions to engine overheating and many others. An intake leak will not be limited to just the manifold seals. It could be worn throttle shafts, cracked or hard vacuum lines (i.e. V.O.E.S. hose), loose mounts and many others. S&S Cycle says […]

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Why Is My Engine So Hard To Start? Tips From S&S Cycle To Resolve This Issue.

Street engines have not only gotten bigger, they’ve also gained compression. Hard starting is an annoying problem that can be resolved either inside or outside the engine. The explanation and tips from S&S Cycle. 

 The first step in making these beasts more manageable is to check cranking compression with a good screw-in gauge. S&S […]

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S&S Super E And G Carburetor Power Kits By Speed Dealer Customs

Each motor compression cycle of your stock engine leaves a little residue getting sent right back into your motor to be burned up, somewhat decreasing performance and engine life. Speed Dealer Customs claim that their kit doesn’t allow the sludge back in after it’s sent out to the filter. Included in the kit is the […]

Breather Bolts For Sportster And Evo

These bolts are the cleanest way (no more ugly hoses) to solve the potential crankcase venting issues you may encounter when installing an aftermarket air cleaner. They are fully CNC machined 6061 aluminum that is polished for a super clean look. The set includes stainless steel vent screens, stainless washers, circlips and foam filter elements. For […]

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Dressing Up In Black

Drag Specialties® rocker boxes are a good fit for dressing up or replacing an old or damaged rocker box. Fits 92-99 Evolution Big Twin models. Made of die-cast aluminum and sold with gaskets. Quality construction with exact dimensions to ensure a perfect, leakproof fit. Available with a satin black powdercoat finish and sold individually (two […]

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Put Your Motorcycle(s) In The S&S Garage

Great idea from S&S Cycle. The S&S Cycle website has a great new feature called “My Garage.” A place where you can put your bike or bikes. In S&S Garage, S&S will know and  remember what you ride. It’s an easy way you will be able quickly find the parts or performance upgrades for your specific […]

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Outflowing By 47% The 2014 Harley Rushmore Touring Models Air Cleaner

Harley—Davidson’s 2014 Project Rushmore Touring models are equipped with a new air filter assembly featuring a distinctive, round cover. The new offering from Zipper’s Performance is a High Flow Air Cleaner Kit increasing performance while keeping a stealthy, stock look. It features a CNC-machined billet backing plate that fully supports the Rushmore cover and is […]

Daytona Bike Week. Going Turbo?

If you intend to go turbo and participate to the 2014 Daytona Bike Week edition, leading expert Trask Performance will perform a FREE installation of their systems (All Big Twins, Sportsters, V-Rods, Victory motorcycles) at their display located at Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson in Ormond Beach, FL. Of course, you need to pre-order your kit (around $6500 […]

S&S Cycle 1250cc Conversion Kit To Turn A Harley Sportster Into A Smoking Sporty

The Harley Sportster being so popular again, you could imagine that S&S Cycle would not take long would to release a conversion kit to add the adjective “smoking” to the Sporty name. 1250 cc is more than double the horsepower of a factory 883 Sportster! The kit is the largest big bore kit S&S offers […]

California Approves S&S Cycle Stealth Air Cleaners Kits For Harley-Davidson Models

If you want to break the law, you’ll have to find another way to do it, because you can now legally install an S&S Stealth air Cleaner on your 2001-up fuel injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in the state of California! S&S Cycle Inc. is pleased to announce that the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) has issued […]

Zipper’s Muscle 110” Kit For 2008-2014 Harley Touring Models.

This Zipper’s 110″ Kit is for the owners of Screamin’ Eagle® CVO bikes or customers with a factory 110” Stage I kit. The 110” engine really comes alive with this top end and cam kit. Torque and horsepower is increased across the RPM range. Where the stock engine starts to level out at just over […]

S&S Cycle Teaming Up With Jasmine Cain To Promote Her 2014 Tour.

S&S Cycle has announced that they have teamed up with Jasmine Cain, award-winning song writer and performer, to promote her 2014 tour. S&S’ Proven Performance® products are the top of mind solution for Harley-Davidson® owners who want more power, and Jasmine Cain’s powerful musical performances have been a prominent presence at the major motorcycle rallies […]

S&S Cycle Receives Major Award For Its Engines For Harley-Davidson Baggers

PowerSports Business Magazine has once again honored S&S Cycle with a Nifty 50 award for the new T-Series T2 Long Block engines for 2007 and later Harley-Davidson® baggers. The Nifty 50 award is given to highlight the fifty best new products or services of the year. The competition is pretty stiff for this award, but […]

Two Brothers Racing 2 Into 1 Air Intake System

Two Brothers Racing has a long and superb reputation for creating high performance parts for racing and sport bikes. And now the company intends to become a contender in the v-twin cruiser market with a new line of custom parts for Harley-Davidson models. Among the first parts to be released, this Comp-V 2-in-1 Air Intake […]

S&S Cams For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 103” Engine. 101 Horsepower And 105 Ft/Lbs Torque.

If you’ve got a bike with a Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 103™ engine, and you’re looking for a way to squeeze some extra juice out of it, S&S has just what you need. They’ve put together a selection of bolt-in cams with 2 new grinds and one current favorite that will produce amazing results in an […]

Spectro To Launch 2 New Products Tomorrow During The 2014 V-Twin Expo.

Tomorrow Saturday Feb, 8 at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo, Spectro Oils of America, one of the world’s foremost brands of quality, specialty lubricants for all types of power-sports engines and transmissions, is introducing 2 new products. A new Suspension Cleaner and a new Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil specifically formulated towards Victory and Indian motorcycles to meet […]

New Harley-Davidson Elite Intake To Boost 2014 Touring Model Power

The new Screamin’ Eagle® Heavy Breather Elite Performance Air Cleaner Kit (P/N 29400173 Chrome, P/N 29400172 Gloss Black, $399.95) features a washable and re-chargeable filter element that flows huge volumes of clean air. The intake tube mounts to a custom back plate with integral breathers, and covers the throttle body and electronics for a finished […]

2014 Bagger ThunderMax® With Wave Tune Technology

Harley-Davidson launched its Project Rushmore motorcycles in August last year, and quite a few aftermarket vendors have already updated or launched new products to fit the 2014 model year. It’s the case of Zippers Performance already offering the Thundermax with “Wave Tune Technology” to increase the EFI power and performance of your 2014 Bagger. “Wave […]

Cool Looking Finned Pan Covers For Harley-Davidson Models 1948-1965 And S&S Cycle P-Series Engines

These finned cast aluminum Covers will add a lot of style to your Harley Panhead 1948 to 1965 or S&S P-Series CTO engines (Configured To Order). Because of fins, they will make your engine run cooler. Because made of cast aluminum, they offer improved rigidity, making them seal better than traditional stamped steel pan covers. […]

Sudco Keihin FCR Performance Carburetor Kits for Harley-Davidson & American V-Twins

Keihin FCR Carburetors are used in 4-stroke motorcycle racing for the performance gains they provide thanks to their precise metering, high flowing flat slide throttle design and adjustable accelerator pump for quick response. The motorcycle carburetor experts at Sudco International have put together a complete line of easy bolt-up Keihin FCR 39 and 41mm Performance […]

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