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Motortechnic Manufacturing USA. Restoring Engines And Transmissions For Harley Knuckleheads, Panheads And Flatheads UL.

A great source for all those looking for a brilliant engine builder able to turn old Harley engines and trannies into perfectly running masterpieces. A jeweler of Knuckles, Pans and Big Flats Flathead UL), Dan Carr is entrusted by the best and most demanding builders and individuals who want their classic motorcycles to run and […]


Max Flow Fuel Inlet Elbow. +40%.

The CV Performance Harley Fuel Inlet Elbow does two important jobs – it increases fuel flow by up to 40% when using a 5/16″ fuel line and it improves the fuel flow system integrity by replacing the stock plastic inlet with a solid brass unit. It replaces the two-piece plastic item that come stock on […]

Spectro Oils

Elio Motors To Introduce New Engine Built From The Ground Up On February 6, 2015

The Elio. One door, 2 seats, 3 wheels, 84 mpg, made in the USA with a $6800 price tag. And now, Elio founder and CEO Paul Elio is about to announce on February 6, 2015 what he believes is the first start-up vehicle manufacturer to develop its own internal combustion engine since Nash Motors in […]

Progressive Suspension

Electric Start Drive Kit For 1970-1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

The Harley Shovelhead remain a mainstay for custom builders. Belt Drives LTD offers a belt drive conversion providing extended life, strength, smooth operation and reliability to these classic drivelines. It’s a complete “Shovel Shorty” Electric Start drive kit for 1970-1978 machines with ratchet top transmissions only. The conversion requires the use of a 1989-2006 style […]

S&S Cycle. Proven Performance Since 1958…

Test Run Of The “Flying Millyard” 5-Liter V-Twin Engine.

Ordinary is not his style. British engineer Allen Millyard use factory engine parts to build engines that no other engineers have ever thought of building. Or he creates almost from scratch new motors with very unique configurations, creating in a small garage workshop wooden patterns to cast aluminum crankcases, patiently building by hand connecting rods […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Understanding The Motorcycle Carburetor. Adjusting the Float Height.

The carburetor is probably the most misunderstood mechanical part on a motorcycle. This article was written by John Glimmerveen and explains the internal workings of the carburetor to set the correct ratio of fuel and air for optimum engine performance. All engines require a proper mixture of air and fuel for combustion. The carburetor controls […]

Improved Zipper’s Muscle 107” Engine Kit

Although this 107” engine kit from Zipper’s Performance has the same configuration as the one I have previously published, this one however uses the full length D&D Fat Cat pipes, where the previous graph used the D&D Stubby pipes (The Stubby is still required when custom bags do not allow the use of full length […]

New Harley-Davidson Burst Performance Air Cleaner

The new Screamin’ Eagle® Burst Collection Performance Air Cleaner Kit (P/N 29400178, $374.95) from Harley-Davidson® is for 2008-later Harley-Davidson® Softail® and Dyna® model motorcycles. Styled to complement the other accessory elements of the Burst Collection, this low-profile air cleaner features a tuxedo black surround that has been expertly machined to expose the satin aluminum finish […]

Engine Stands To Stand The Test Of Time

Lowbrow Customs is introducing a line of heavy-duty motorcycle engine stands that will please the professional shop or home-builder alike. The 3/16″ thick steel construction ensures a stable work platform and holds up to the rigorous demands of a working shop. An engraved aluminum machine tag on each stand and durable black powder coat finish […]

New JET Air Cleaner From Performance Machine

A new versatile design for this new JET air cleaner from Performance Machine that you can mount horizontally or vertically. Small and low design to not interfere with your leg/knee. It features an internal crankcase venting system and a reusable air filter. CNC machined out of aluminum. Available for Big Twin Carb (1993-2006), Big Twin […]

Radiused Breather Bolts For Your Harley-Davidson

These breather bolts feature a good looking radius design with 5-ply sintered stainless steel mesh, providing the proper breathability for your motor while keeping a slim profile and a completely custom look. An internally broached allen allows for a quick and hidden installation method, with the stainless breather element and “circlip” finishing the job. A […]

What Exhaust Should I Run On My S&S Engine And Are Drag pipes Ok?

Exhaust selection is critical for optimal performance. Open drag pipes work reasonably well for peak horsepower numbers on some engines but limit low speed performance on the street and can be nearly impossible to carburet. S&S Cycle has not had good results with baffled drag pipes due to the increase of exhaust gas restriction (back […]

Vintage Hot-Rod Inspired Air Cleaner

In his young shop Old-Stf Cycle in Northern California, Mike Pilaczynski is manufacturing this “Mini-Ed” air cleaner with a vintage hot rod look that will please all those tired of all round and teardrop-shaped filters. Includes a K&N high flow filter element. Measures only 5 1/2″ x 4″ x 2 5/8”. Made of cast aluminum and […]

Bahn™ Engine Rocker Cover Accents For ’99 To ’15 Harley Twin Cams

For those who want to customize their late Harley Twin Cam engine instead of buying a set of new custom rocker boxes, Kuryakyn offers the option of using their Bahn™ Accents. Installation does not require removal of the factory rocker boxes, and when installed do not need to be removed for top-end motor maintenance. MSRP: […]

Breaking News. S&S Cycle About To Launch The Biggest, Baddest, Bolt-In Engine In Stock Touring Frame. The T143.

Official launch will be spring 2015, but you see it here and I can give you a few details. First, a few words of caution from S&S Cycle VP of Product Development Scott Sjovall “This T143 engine fits in a stock frame, and starts really well, but it is really not for everybody! Frankly, it […]

Zipper’s New Muscle 107” Kit For Twin Cam® Engines

Zipper’s has carefully developed a new Muscle 107″ Kit for Twin Cam® engines  with optimized compression, porting, camshaft design and inlet flow, Combined with their best-in-class finish work, extensive dyno and ride testing, it provides a very balanced engine kit that will not disappoint. The Zipper’s Muscle 107 delivers fantastic power curves with both torque […]

S&S Cycle Tells You How To Break-In Your New Engine

Below the correct procedure to break-in your engine

. 1- Initial start up. Run engine approximately one minute at 1250-1750 rpm. DO NOT crack throttle or subject to any loads during this period as head gaskets are susceptible to failure at this time. During this time, check to see that oil pressure is normal, that oil […]

Gift Your Bike With Extra Performance

Holidays season is not too far away. If you are into performance, you could gift yourself with one of Zipper’s Performance products or put it on your wish list. Guaranteed you will not re-gift it Black S&S® E & G Carb Kits with ThunderJet®. A Zipper’s exclusive. Zipper’s new black-finish S&S® E/G carburetors, with or […]

Halloween Special. S&S Cycle Frankenstein Engines. A Few Still Available.

For the month of October, S&S Cycle is once again offering paranormal prices on monstrous Frankenstein engines, in honor of Halloween. They’re built with first quality, non-current components so you save a bundle! Just the thing for a budget performance upgrade or a custom build. 
Grab yours today! Quantities are limited – when they’re gone, […]

Ferrari Patents Motorcycle V-Twin Engine Design

Patent application submitted suggest that Ferrari may be considering producing a motorcycle, The patent covers the design of an “internal combustion engine having two cylinders, which are arranged in a ‘V’ configuration.” Ferrari has also filed a trademark application for the name ‘Cavallino’ (pony in Italian) for use on a vehicle without precision of type, car […]

Winter Is Engine Upgrade Season

Zipper’s Performance is among the couple of US companies able to provide the best solution to all of your engine upgrade and rebuild needs. Your buddies on their new 103’s and 110’s kicking sand in your face?  You don’t have to spring for a new bike to keep up, just breathe some new life into […]

Vintage Vibe For Your Evo Bike

Now settled in the US, European independent parts manufacturer EMD just released the WTF line of engine rocker boxes to give your hard-working Evo 1340 Big Twin or Evo Sportster engine a retro style. These cast aluminum covers bolt in place of your OEM rocker boxes and extend down to hide the lower box. As […]

New S&S Air Cleaner Kit For 2014-2015 Indian Motorcycle Thunder Stroke 111 Models

It was expected that S&S Cycle would use its expertise in engine breathing to offer an Air Cleaner Kit specifically created for the new Indian Thunder Stroke 111 motor of all the Chiefs Classic, Vintage, Chieftain) and Roadmaster 2014-2015 models. So, if you want to make your Indian more warlike, giving it more air to […]




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