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Race To The Clouds. A Joint Project Victory Motorcycles And Roland Sands.

Dubbed “Project 156”, from this illustration the joint program looks to me like some kind of Pike’s Peak Run on a Victory machine prepared by Roland Sands to reach the clouds at high speed. But what do I know… Answer with details will be published here on May 28th. Stay tuned.


2015 Poland “Poznan Motor Show”. The Custom Motorcycle Style Of Central Europe.

The Poznan Motor Show sponsored by Motorcycle Storehouse is Poland’s biggest automotive automotive showcase with four halls dedicated only to motorcycles, of which one is hosting the “Custom Festival” of Polish magazine “Custom”. In this country of 39 million people, there are only 7 official Harley-Davidson dealers, but there is an emergent custom scene with builders […]

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Inaugural Harley-Davidson® Flat-Track Racing At X Games Austin On June 4, 2015

Last year, Harley-Davidson sponsored two flat-track exhibitions, and thousands of fans took to social media to express their excitement for the sport. So, now it’s official. A new motorcycle racing competition will throw dirt June 4 during the inaugural Harley-Davidson® Flat-Track Racing at ESPN’s X Games Austin. The inaugural race is an invitational format, with athletes […]

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Breaking News. Erik Buell Racing Closed Its Doors With $20 Million In Outstanding Liabilities

Erik Buell Racing closed its business this Wednesday April 15, 2015 and filed for protection from its creditors  in Walworth County Circuit Court, Wisconsin. With outstanding bills of more than $20 million and unable to pay them Erik Buell Racing had no other choice than to close the doors of its facility in East Troy. […]


Auctions America’s Auburn Spring Collector Car Weekend, May 7 – 9, 2015

The 29-lot collection, which features bikes from the former esteemed Arthur P. Sigal Collection, is comprised of both original and beautifully restored motorcycles. The weekend event (May 7-9) will be held at the Preston Evans Collection at Indiana’s historic Auburn Auction Park. The auction will include a 1902 Marsh (top picture) predating Harley-Davidson, and believed […]

Triumph Motorcycles Claiming To Be Now Number One European Brand In North America

A record setting first quarter by Triumph Motorcycles America, which included the highest single day retail sales ever on March 31st, resulted in the company stating as being the top selling European brand in North America. The ranking is based upon motorcycle unit sales in the 500cc-plus on-road and dual-sport categories for the U.S. and […]

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A Harley Street 750 Goes Off-Road

When Harley-Davidson introduced its 2 Street models (750 & 500), the maker described them as “coming from the street, born out of the custom tradition of tearing down a motorcycle to its raw, minimal essence and letting the pure rebellion inherent in the lines of the machine come screaming through”… Corporate narrative aside, it’s true […]

Custom Built Supercharged Motus MSTR

This weekend in Austin, Texas, Brian Case, the Co-founder, Design Director of MOTUS Motorcycles, is presenting at the “Handbuilt Show” a very special supercharged Motus. A short 4-week project, it started with a stock Motus MSTR Sport Tourer stripped away as much as Brian could. Then a supercharger from Procharger was added and the engine […]

Post Apocalyptic Motorcycle

Some of you are familiar with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” tv series with all episodes describing a post apocalyptic in which a band of survivors find themselves on the road, surviving day to day and trying to hold on to their shredded humanity and dwindling hope. Stripped of security and without a direction for the […]

Picture Of The Week. 1948 James Comet

This 1948 James Comet belongs to the Art Busman Collection. It will be featured in the 2016 edition of the Paul Oxman Publishing Motorcycle Classics Calendar. Photography @ Doug Mitchel

Motorcycle Reliability And Owner Satisfaction. A Survey By “Consumer Reports”

Faithful to its mission to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make better and more informed choices, Consumer Reports just published the results of a new study on to find out two things: how reliable top-selling brands are in terms of frequency of repair and how happy those brands make their owners. Let’s […]

Custom 1975 Honda CB750. Jay Leno Rode It And Loved It.

Rebuilt by Gasser Customs in the spirit of the Hot Rods & Gassers of the 1950’s & 60’s but with some modern technology.Hheavy frame mods for added strength and functionality. The engine has been bored up to an 836cc with a twin carb set-up and has various other Go Fast mods giving the ability to […]

Ural Sidecar Motorcycle Company. Did You Know?

You know that Ural sidecars are made for rocks, mud, snow and rivers. They will not take you fast to your destination, but they will take you to impossible places. Ural sidecar motorcycles are built since 1941 in Siberia, Russia. Originally they were destined to be used as battle bikes for the Soviet Red Army. […]

The Ironhead Sportster With A Divorced Tranny

The Sportster line, the Harley-Davidson XL family, is produced continuously since 1957. The 1957-1986 Ironhead model (so named because of the cast iron cylinder heads) is a favorite of many builders into retro bikes restoration or customization. But truth is that it is not often an easy bike to work on. And if you are […]

Discovery Channel Unveils A New Series About Harley-Davidson

Rich Ross, the new Chief of the Discovery Channel, unveiled new programming for season 2015-2016. Among the new tv shows, a scripted series about the history of Harley-Davidson. Based on a true story, the series will tell how Milwaukee schoolyard pals William S. Harley (left) and Arthur Davidson (right) built and rode the machines, then […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

A Tesla Motorcycle? Last Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted mysterious news. He revealed in his tweet that Tesla is working on a new product, which isn’t a car and will be made public on Thursday 8pm, April 30 in Hawthorne Design Studio. Analysts were quick to share their perspectives regarding the announcement. They guessed […]

Government Trying To Establish New Regulations To Determine What Is A Motorcycle Versus A Car.

The line between what is legally a Motorcycle or a Car is getting blurry with the expansion of a new category of vehicles now called AutoCycles. The difference between a car and a motorcycle seemed to be clear. You sit in a car with 4 wheels and a steering wheel. You sit on a motorcycle […]

To Be Paid $26,500 Euros By Harley-Davidson To Tour Europe On a 2015 Street Glide. Already More Than 10,000 Applications!

Dream job, adventure of a lifetime. Being paid 25,000 euros ($26,500) to travel through more than 20 countries on some of Europe’s most exciting routes and breathtaking landscapes. The lucky winnerwill ride a 2015 Street Glide that he (she) will keep at the end of the trip. A professional film crew will accompany the rider […]

Nostalgia Jeep Chief Concept

Being a “young” (?) baby-boomer, I fell in love at first glance with this Jeep Chief Concept inspired by the full-size, 1970’s era Cherokee. This post to illustrate that the vintage, classic, Old School, Neo-Retro trend (and whatever name you give it) is far from over. From motorcycles to clothing to furniture and to everything. […]

High School Students From The Black Hills Win Big in Donnie Smith Bike Show

During last weekend the High school students who participated in the Buffalo Chip Challenge were participating in the Donnie Smith Bike Show in St Paul. Minnesota. They came back home with 2 new trophies.The student-built custom 2014 Indian Chieftain received 1st place in the “The Full Custom/other bagger” class, and the 2014 Harley- Davidson Road […]

Egret. A Tribute Chopper Built By Bill Dodge In Memory Of Close Friend John Green.

On Wednesday May 14, 2014 I had to report on the passing of John Green, the producer of all Easyriders Events, the famous winter V-Twin Bike Shows and summer Rodeo Tours. A very gentle and courageous man that I knew well, he was relentless in promoting the talent and business of all builders. Many of […]

Indian Chief Dark Horse. The Edgiest Member Of The Indian® Chief® Line-Up.

My 1st encounter with the recently launched 2016 model-year Indian Chief Dark Horse was during Daytona Bike Week. It is built upon the successful Indian® Chief® platform and features the same Chief’s powerful 111-cubic-inch Thunder Stroke engine, electronic cruise control, keyless ignition, and ABS braking but it loses the oil cooler, analogue fuel gauge and […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

South Dakota Speed Limit Raised To 80 mph On Interstate Highways 90 and 29. An amendment to South Dakota Senate Bill 1 passed Tuesday March 24, 2015 changing the speed limit on the state’s two interstate highways. When the new law takes effect on April 1, you’ll legally be able to travel at 80 mph instead […]

Permanent Harley-Davidson Rally Point To Be Completed For The 2015 Sturgis Rally. Sturgis 2nd Street Renamed Harley-Davidson Way.

Building on the 75-year agreement that makes Harley-Davidson the rally’s official motorcycle, Harley-Davidson broke ground to start construction of The Harley-Davidson Rally Point, the city’s new permanent year-round space for riders. The Rally Point, at the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street, (renamed Harley-Davidson Way) will include a stage for events, concerts and weddings. […]




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