Watch Out. Hardcore Biker.

How to recognize a hard core biker when he is not near his sled of seated at his preferred bikers bar? By his watch, of course! You are looking at the “Lost Skulls Precious Stones” watch made by Steve Stoffa from Hardcore Watch Company. He describes it better than I would do: “The watch represents the demons of those warriors that tried to steal the Maltese Treasures. When captured, Dr. Plug had their living remains cast in the same precious metals that the Silver Maltese is made of. Each skull is still alive, but is casted to look in the same direction through the eyes of fire for eternity”.

I told you, I could not say it better. The company offers other themes like Flames, Gothic, Maltese, and Jokers. Order one for you and one also for your Hardcore woman by going to HCW.  


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