Water With Bad Taste

From my friends at Freeway Magazine I got this info. A gas tank/handlebar faucet called the MFX Classic (It seems to me that it is a stock gas tank version, but I am sure they are going to do a chopper & bobber one). Turn your handlebars right or left and it will run cold or warm water. No exhaust sound, yet. Personally, I think it’s tacky, but I can understand that it can be entertaining in a motorcycle shop bathroom (not in mine). No, it’s not made or licensed by Harley-Davidson (yet), but it could be… It offers a ten year warranty on parts and a five year warranty on the finish. All of the above is available for (only) $699. What about a jockey shift to flush the toilet? Hope not. For those who disagree with me, you can order it online from Cycle Faucets. Don’t tell them I sent you. They would read this post.

Cyril Huze