Women Want To Have Fun, Too.

I think it’s worth a post. Rossiter Harley-Davidson in Bradenton, FL just held an event for women only called “Garage Party”. The objective is to let women, in an “intimidation free” environment, ask questions about owning and riding their own motorcycles. I applaud this initiative because I meet a lot of women who want to ride and don’t know how easy it is to access our sport. Ok, they are attracted by our bikes (maybe by us, too) but feel extremely intimidated just by the idea of pushing the door of a dealership. A stock bike weights more than 500 pounds and cost can be from $7,000 to $35,000. But as we know, women have more and more financial power if not more muscle Today, nearly one in 10 motorcycle owners is a woman, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, a nonprofit organization in California. The number of women owning motorcycles has grown 39 percent since 1998. In 2005, 725,000 women owned a motorcycle. To all women, ask your Harley Dealer to organize “Garage Parties”. I want to see more of you on the road. Of course, next step will be to call me for some custom parts. Rossiter Harley-Davidson. (Sorry ladies. to illustrate this article I could not find a fully clothed woman in my digital pictures album )


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