Signature Bobber Rolling Chassis

If you are a Bobbers fan, here your opportunity to own one of my Signature Bobbers. Only 10 of this design will be hand made and sold  First, the frame has no stretch, a 32-degree rake for a true bobber look. Transmission plate is welded to the frame and the frame neck got internal fork stops. A custom gas tank was fabricated then Frisco mounted with recessed brackets for a very clean look. The rear fender was fabricated to be also the oil tank and contains 4 quarts of oil. Custom oil lines exit invisibly and are routed through the frame post. Engine is a polished Rev Tech Pan style 100" (EPA & CARB approved E.O. # M-073-001). Transmission is chrome & polished 6-speed. All the hard work of setting up the drive line has been done, and it includes a BDL 3" open belt and a rear chain brake/sprocket kit. Front end is Springer type wide glide with Z-bars on risers. Custom battery box was fabricated and sit at the bottom of the frame behind the transmission. Rear wheel is 60-spoke with a 200/55 x 18" Avon Venom tire. Front is 60-spoke with a 120/70 x 21" Avon Venom tire. You can buy this awesome custom chassis ready to paint or I will complete one for you (No China parts = No China price). Call 561-392-5557 or for more pics, go to page “For Sale” in my Website

2 Responses to “Signature Bobber Rolling Chassis”

  1. 1 Reggie Ronzello, Jr. Nov 4th, 2006 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Cyril,

    Beutiful job on this motorcycle. It really is nice, Iam a big fan of your work. One thing confuses me, you say no Chinese parts No Chinese price. Well, Should it say, Korean parts with a Korean price. I am sorry to sound harsh, but I hate seeing this wonderful industry violated by Korean & or Chinese knock offs and American workers put out of work by Americans lining their pockets with cheap foriegn parts & labor. Please consider using the wonderful parts made right here in America by Americans. I know it will cost a little more, but deep down inside it feels great to know a few more American families are being fed.

  2. 2 Cyril Huze Nov 4th, 2006 at 6:36 pm

    Reggie, I agree with you. My parts (made in the USA) have been copied and manufactured in China & Korea. This chassis is handmade in my shop and uses my own parts as much as possible.

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Cyril Huze