From Ugly To Extraordinary

Unfortunately, not all the calls we receive are about ordering one of my custom parts or about meeting with me to discuss a new build. By far, the largest category of calls fits in the category “How do you do this? Where do you do that?” And in this category, powdercoating questions are at the top of the list. First, let me say that we use several companies, and I apologize to the others not mentioned in this post. Second, when you chose yours, make sure it is well equipped for sandblasting and has a very good in-house polisher. Also, be aware that candy colors are difficult to control (orange peel effects, color variation on different material like steel or aluminum). Don’t send your parts to be powdercoated the same color at different times. Powdercoating all your parts together helps the guy in charge to control that the color rendering is the same on each part going on the same motorcycle. One company I can recommend is Precision Coating. They can powdercoat your frame, engine, etc and also do “High Temp” ceramic coating for your exhaust system (Flat black, semi gloss black, silver, gray & metallics). To improve cooling they even offer an optional “Insulkote” inside your exhaust. Precision Coating

Cyril Huze