Small, Beautiful And Useful.

They are a classic. Their beautiful designs work will all styles of bikes and objectively, nobody has ever done better quality lights. They are made out of billet aluminum, not cheap casting, and they will never leak water inside like many knock-off on the market. These lights will turn heads well before you make turns. They are all 2-function lights, so you can decide which functions you want them to do: run & turn, run and brake or turn & brake. Three designs: Mini, Hardcore or Visor style. Spikelight Mini (3" x 1 1/4") is offered with a 2-function bulb.  Spikelight Hardcore (3 1/2" x 1 1/2") and Spikelight Visor (4 1/4" x 1 1/2")  are offered with a 2-function bulb or a strong 2-functon L.E.D. with standard red or amber lens. L.E.D’s are brighter than bulb, have no filaments, are not susceptible to failure due to vibrations, and have a 100,000 continuous hour life span. All lights are high gloss polished aluminum. Optional lens colors in blue or clear. Wiring included. Price is per unit. To order, go to my Online Store. 

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