New Round Inline Fuel Valve

Custom builders are very familiar with this problem. We build custom bikes with hand built one-off custom gas tanks. Then we have to figure out where to position the fuel valve on the gas tank. And it never happens that the best position to install it (the lowest part of the tank to use all gas capacity) is possible (for example interfering with a rocker box), or it creates a visual sore when looking at the tank. So, I like the new in-line fuel valve from Pingel. No more worry about the location of the fuel valve. Install it where it looks good between your tank & the carburetor. It’s small, round, smooth & beautiful. But be aware that this valve uses simple on/off operation without a reserve position and no filter. But do we really need these functions This in-line fuel valve from Pingel belongs to all my new projects.  .       

Cyril Huze