How To Sell Your Custom Motorcycle On eBay

First, let me say that according to research by Terapeak, Harley-Davidson merchandise on eBay this past year have topped $30,000,000 for parts and accessories alone, not counting Harley motorcycles and full blown custom bikes. Second, Harley-Davidson has consistently been the top ranked search term on eBay’s Pulse, which lists the top 10 search terms for every category listed o eBay. Additional research shows that February has the most sales for everything Harley motorcycles. So, what about custom motorcycles? About the same results than the ones obtained when listing a Harley-Davidson (of course price makes a difference). To know specifically about your special construction bike, you will have to dig the stats of Terapeak, an eBay Certified Solution Provider. This company specializes in crunching numbers and providing reports to help sellers find the best time to sell, how much to sell for, and find the keywords driving sales. Try a free trial at Terapeak Motors

Cyril Huze