Motorcycles To Tow Away Vehicles

When I read the story, I thought it was a joke. A good one. But it’s not. The news comes from Dubai, Arab Emirates. Retriever Motorcycles will be used to tow cars that break down on congested roads. I didn’t know that this service has already shown remarkable success in other countries such as Canada, Sweden and China. The advantage of using a Retriever Bike is that it can move smoothly between vehicles in the crowded streets (always heard not to do this with my bike!).The Retriever Bikes are only about 59 inch wide (Still dangerous to do this between cars in heavy traffic). Bikes have powerful 6-cylinder engines, and are equipped with a folding lift and are able to tow most cars. I always dreamed to have my big SUV towed by a motorcycle. Not you?

Cyril Huze