Hall Of Famous (Ter) By Marilyn Stemp

I absolutely love it when people comment in this Blog. This one written by Marilyn Stemp, Executive Editor of Iron Works Magazine. Marilyn sent this picture to me: 27 builders together in this picture shot in Sturgis. Wow! She also comments on Tom Zimberoff post.

"Cyril, It may be of interest to note that I photographed 27 builders together in Sturgis this year, at Billy Lane’s Builder’s Breakfast. I’ll send you a shot you can post if you like. The event raised money for the Children’s Care Foundation and everyone participated on that basis – for charity. Credit for the gathering goes to Darcy Betlach and it was a huge success. I understand plans are underway for next year already and I plan to be there. I’ll certainly show up, camera at the ready, to photograph any group of builders that gathers in Cincinnati. Please let me know the details. For our part, IronWorks will have reproductions of an original illustration featuring Donnie, Dave and Brian Klock – plus the builders themselves – in our booth on Sunday at the show, signing the prints. The charity in this case is Donnie’s High School Chopper Challenge,an amazing effort by Donnie, of course, plus many other builders and aftermarket companies to support the teaching of metal craft to young people. Here’s a thought: if you want to be remembered by people 30 years from now, why not work with them now? What an opportunity for all of us. I can’t close before I defend magazines. I think Tom’s opinion of us is a bit harsh. Give us 300 glossy pages without the interruption of ads or deadlines and we could tell an incredible tale, too. But books and magazines can’t be compared in that sense, just as magazines and newspapers are different in scope and timeliness, or newspapers and TV news, for that matter. Do we give space to motorcycles as art? Speaking for IW, absolutely! Do we laud the builder as well as the bike – sure do! I could reference dozens of articles in the last 17 years of IW’s publishing life, but let the record stand. Without question, I have heard builders say many times that much of their “fame” has been due to magazine coverage they received when they were young and unknown. Personally, I think all the credit should go to the builders: they do the work. We’re simply privileged to cover the results of their efforts. And while I agree on the longevity of a case bound book over a magazine, how many guys have stacks of old magazines in the basement they can’t part with? (You know who you are.) So give us our due – we even make space in magazines to publicize books about motorcycles!"

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  1. 1 Gerry Jan 29th, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    I know one builder that won’t be at next years gathering….

  2. 2 Lovin' It Sep 28th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Is there any way I can get a copy of that image? I’d like to put it up on my shop wall… Does anyone know how to get in touch with the photographer?

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