Exclusive: New Air Suspension With No Compressor To Hide. No Hose To Run. Wow.

It’s called S.A.S. and it stands for “Simplified Air Suspension”. And it comes from the people of CCCS (Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc), the ones who designed and created the first concealed handlebar controls with hidden master cylinders & cables inside good looking bars.  The name “Simplified Air Suspension” says it all & CCCS does it again. They created a self contained air suspension that grants a truly easy install with super clean results. It means no hoses, no fittings to fail and no headaches trying to find a place to attach then hide the ugly compressor used by all other air suspension systems. Instead of being installed remotely, the compressor is integrated with the cylinder housing and the passages are ported internally. At CCCS, they hate so much wiring & cables, like me, that they even work on a wireless actuation system. How come other air suspension manufacturers didn’t think about it? The SAS air suspension will be offered in black anodized or in chrome with optional pressure gauges. When? Maybe just before New Year or just after. Guess what? My name is already on the waiting list, just before yours. Visit Custom Control Systems or call them at: 702-438-2129.

2 Responses to “Exclusive: New Air Suspension With No Compressor To Hide. No Hose To Run. Wow.”

  1. 1 mark Dec 28th, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    hi the new s.a.s. air suspension how much does it rise & lower & how do you change the hieght & how much are they to send to Australia.Hope to heat from you soon.Its for a 02 fatboy.

  2. 2 Mike Jul 23rd, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Have you tried just using a coil conversion kit? They tend to save a lot of money and are more reliable.

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