Chopper Fuel Valve By Pingel

Recently, I was talking of the difficulty that custom builders have to position the fuel valve at the right place to use all the gas of a custom made gas tank. It’s one thing to hand make a gorgeous tank. It is another thing to make it give all its fuel almost to the last drop. Hey, who likes to stop at the gas station to make a half refill because there is as much gas below the level of the petcock as above. It’s when Pingel saves your life and a few detours to your petrol joint. They just released a cute remote fuel valve that you place anywhere you want, except on the gas tank. Since you fabricate your own gas tank (or modify an existing one to make it yours), why not just run 2 fuel lines (one feed and one reserve line) directly from the tank to the valve. Depending of the angle of your gas tank, you will exit the lines in the far rear if the front of the tank is higher (no danger you will interfere with the rear rocker box like with a screwed in petcock). Or in the front of the gas tank if the rear is higher (yes, with the trend of low choppers and diggers with a minus in the down tube, more and more such tanks have a curvaceous front lower than the rear. At the shop, I am building 2 just like that). The Pingel valve has 2 mounting holes on the back for easy installation. It has a relatively small size measuring only 1 ½” high x 2” long x 1 1/8” deep. My opinion is that you will not want to hide it completely because it’s an unusual, cute part. Don’t you love, like me, when people ask you: “What’s that?” But because smaller is better and cleaner, I informed Pingel that I would like to order the same but without a reserve (I don’t really need one on my customs). Guess what? They told me that one just like that is on my way. Cool. Visit Pingel to pick your best fuel valve solution or call 608-339-7999.            

Cyril Huze