2007 S&S Catalog. The First To Land On My Desk

Confidence: I love December. Not only because I enjoy seeing Christmas lights in palm trees (for those who don’t know, home & shop are in South Florida), but because it’s new catalogs season for our motorcycle industry. They go from ½ pound to 10 pounds or more, smell fresh ink, wear the number 07, oblige me to clean my office shelves, and make me feel like a kid in a candy store. So, at night, I bring them home, read every page, sorting in my mind what I will never use, what I could use and what I will use for sure on my next projects. The woman of the house usually doesn’t complain because she has also so much to read. You know: catalogs from Frontgate, Sharper Image, Bloomingdales, Saks, Tiffany, etc. This year, the 1st on the starting gate is S&S Cycle with its 2007 Catalog For Dealers and detailed information about remanufacturing and rebuild services. Individual retail catalogs called Performance Guides are also available. These Performance Guides represent the various engine families and Proven Performance® products offered by S&S Cycle. These can be viewed and downloaded for free at the S&S Cycle website or copies can be purchased online for $3.95 each.




Cyril Huze