I rarely drink sodas (just a lot of coffee, orange juice and a couple of glasses of Bordeaux red wine when in a nice restaurant).  But I have a passion for everything 50’s style, including soda vending machines. This one is a small replica to keep up to 10 cans of anything you want. A compact design (measures 25 ½” H x 16 ½” W x 9” D) makes it ideal near your favorite TV chair, in the garage next to the bike you are building, in the game room if you have one. or in the kids room if you don’t want to see them in the kitchen anymore. The Drink-O-Matic refrigerator will dispense your cans or bottles 30F below the outside temperature. It plugs into standard outlet or into a dashboard socket. But who wants to drive a car with a fridge plugged into the dash? Very red neck and very dangerous when you brake. Anyway, it’s another $149.95 gift idea from your favorite Blogger, brought to you by the people of Sharper Image.

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  1. 1 john murphy Jun 25th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    It’s rubbish, it will last about three to six months then burn out. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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