Custom Spoke Wheels With Artwork

There are many spoke wheels manufacturers and assemblers. Quite a few are ready to offer you rim powder coating in the color of your choice. But there is only one that I know who will deliver your wheels with custom spoke patterns, spokes in color(s) and now your own artwork powder coated on the rims. It can be flames, tattoos, racing stripes, your name, whatever you think of. I met with this company for the 1st time one year ago during Las Vegas Bike.Fest. They gave me a CD containing hundreds of pictures of fancy, colorful wire (the correct name) wheels. Immediately I ordered 2 different sets for 2 projects at the shop. Although my orders were very custom, my wheels were delivered in record time at the exact date given to me. I started customizing wheels 12 years ago, but I was driving my painters crazy, and paint, of course, is extremely fragile on rims. Now, you can do artwork in strong powder coating and it will make your bike absolutely unique. They carry wheels in all sizes, including the new 20” & 23” diameter, from 40 to 120-spoke, in right or left side configuration, in cross or radial lacing, in billet aluminum or stainless. Their website is full of examples of what can be done and if you need some inspiration they even show you a choice of artworks to adorn your custom wheels. Visit HD Wheels then call Andrei on my behalf at 818-887-9065       


2 Responses to “Custom Spoke Wheels With Artwork”

  1. 1 Ron Bartone Dec 3rd, 2006 at 5:29 pm

    You have found your second calling. I have a difficult time reading any articles online, I’m the old school magazine type but it seems you have got something here. The articles are well written and the subject content always interesting. Keep it up. By the way, I’m hoping to get a position with Indian soon and I’d be interested in hearing anything you’ve got on that venture. I have two hero’s in this industry, you and Arlen. Arlen has done it all and is one of the founders and you have taken it to perfection.
    Keep up the great work. Ron Bartone. Wakefield, RI

  2. 2 jatinder Jun 5th, 2007 at 3:38 am

    sure,nice rims and designs,but they are expensive.if u like spokes,then only spokes will do.

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