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New 3-D Warwick Wheel By Renegade

Renegade’s new Warwick wheel is a swept 5-spoke roller. Each solid billet rim has been machined so that spokes appear to be 3 uniquely layered blades, one on top of the other. Warwick “spokes” generate a look that embodies movement, even at a stand-still. As with all Renegade wheels they are available in high luster […]

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Update On The “Follow Your Dream” Metzeler Contest

On April 2nd, I reported on the “Follow Your Dream Metzeler Contest” with Indian Larry Motorcycles building a one-off custom motorcycle with input from fans via the Metzeler USA Dacebook Page where you can see the building process evolve in a multi-episode series. The sweepstakes will end up June 16 with a lucky fan taking […]

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Buy a Set Of Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra Motorcycle Tires And Receive A $50 Visa Prepaid Card

You have until May 31, 2014 to be eligible to receive a $50 Metzeler Visa Prepaid Card by mail-in-rebate when you buy a set of the acclaimed ME 888 MARATHON™ Ultra tires. The appointed heir of the ME 880 Marathon, popular with V-Twin owners and customizers all over the world, it was designed to maintain […]

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Any Custom Front Wheel On 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring Models

HD Wheels Corp. (no affiliation with Harley-Davidson) is introducing front wheel carriers letting you install any custom wheel using stock (or stock replacement composite) rotors on the 2014 Harley-Davidson models. These star shaped TRC-14 carriers can also be be used to install 2014 front Touring or T14 composite (11.5″and 11.8″) rotor on Harleys or custom […]


Corleone 32″ Wheel By Metalsport

Last January, I pre-announced that Metalsport would unveil a 32” wheel wheel to the dealers visiting the V-Tiwn Expo. This model named the Corleone was a collaboration with Matt Hotch who built the “La Sancha” extreme bagger featured here. Whatever you think of the new 32” wheel – love it, hate it or just an […]

New And Interesting. Modular Wheel Hub Ends.

Ridewright Wheels, a manufacturer of premium spoke and recently forged billet wheels is introducing a 3-Piece Modular Billet Hub. The idea is to offer the flexibility of keeping a wheel and fitting it on multiple bikes required different spacing and offset. Just change the hub ends as needed. Dealers don’t have to stock nearly as […]

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New RevTech Hydro Design Wheels, Pulleys And Discs From Custom Chrome

New for 2014, Custom Chrome just released the HYDRO line featured here, one of their 6 designs of Modular RevTech Wheels. Seen in the new 2014 Custom Chrome Catalog with wheel sizes and hub fitments. Available in Midnight Series Black or Chrome. CNC-Matching Rotors and Pulleys. Machined in the USA. At your local Custom Chrome […]

Consumer Tire Rebate From Harley-Davidson And Dunlop

For those who need to change their tires and are faithful to Harley-Davidson rubber brand recommendation, it’s the time of the year when you can do it and receive a 40 H-D Gift Card. Participating Harley-Davidson® dealers and Dunlop® are teaming up to offer a $40 consumer mail-in rebate on a set of Harley-Davidson-branded Dunlop […]

Rick’s New Custom Parts For 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring Models

The 2014 Harley-Davidson touring models surprised many aftermarket vendors and customizers by the number of modifications made by the factory versus previous model-year. Along with the introduction of the first European-manufactured and TÜV-approved 30-Inch front wheel in 2013, the Rick‘s Motorcycles team has developed a number of innovative and Europe homologated system components for 21 […]

Follow Your Dream Metzeler Contest. Indian Larry Now Building The Custom Motorcycle Frame.

On March 11, I announced the “Follow Your Dream Contest” where 2 iconic brands, Metzeler and builder Indian Larry, come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle, uniquely built with input from fans via the METZELER USA Facebook® Page. As promised, you can be part of the customization process, watch the building process all evolve […]

Indian Larry Motorcycles About The Metzeler ME888 Tire

Bob Seeger Jr, from Indian Larry did this testimonial for the ME888 Metzeler tire.

Iconic Brand METZELER And Indian Larry Motorcycles Offer You The Chance To Win A Once In A Lifetime Dream Ride.

METZELER, the first name in quality motorcycle tires since 1892 is kicking off the 2014 riding season in partnership with legendary custom bike shop Indian Larry Motorcycles. The two iconic brands have come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle, uniquely built with input from motorcycle fans via the METZELER USA Facebook® page. The entire […]

Daytona Bike Week. Renegade To Show Off Its 4 New Wheel Designs And A New 53 Ft Semi Trailer

During Daytona Bike Week Renegade Wheels will show off to the public for the first time it’s 4 new 2014 wheel styles at the Bruce Rossmeyer’s lot in Ormond Beach. With storm damage from the previous season, Renegade’s 53′ Semi-Trailer tour truck “Big Red” get’s a new vinyl wrap. Be the first to see it. […]

New Harley-Davidson Michelin Scorcher Tires For Fat Boy And Fat Boy Lo Models

New Harley-Davidson®-exclusive Michelin® Scorcher tires are now available as the only Harley-Davidson-validated alternative to the original-equipment tires for the Fat Boy® and Fat Boy® Lo motorcycles. The Michelin Scorcher 11(P/N 43100016, 17-inch Front $230.95; P/N 43200022, 17-inch Rear, $269.95) fit 2007-later Fat Boy and 2110-later Fat Boy Lo models. They are exclusively designed, tested and […]

Essential Tire Maintenance Tips from Harley-Davidson Motor Company Experts

Below is the low down on low pressure and tired tires. A patch of tire rubber no larger than a credit card is what connects a motorcycle to the road, and maintaining those tires is critical to motorcycle performance and to the safety of your ride. The motorcycle tire experts at Harley-Davidson have put together […]

Exclusive Preview Of Renegade New Wheel Designs For 2014.

They are brand new designs for 2014 from Renegade Wheels and will be unveiled to the dealers visiting the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo this coming Saturday February 8 (booth 433)  The 4 new models are: 1- The Warwick, one tough looking swept 5-spoke wheel. Every spoke appears to be three uniquely layered blades on top of […]

Exclusive. World’s First 30” Hubless Motorcycle Wheel. With Integral 29” Brake Rotor.

A new twist (pun intended) for the big wheel lovers. After “who is going to make it taller”, the industry is going in the direction of “who is going to make it invisible?” Kind of… Engineered and machined in Toronto, Canada by Steve Schuller of Schuller Cyclewerks, this 30” hubless wheel will be fitted on […]

Exclusive Preview Of The World’s First 32” Wheel By Metalsport

If you wondered if a company would up the ante, here is the answer. You are looking at the world’s first 32” motorcycle wheel to be officially introduced to dealers by Metalsport on February 8, 2014 at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. The model featured here, named the “Corleone” is a collaboration with custom builder Matt […]

TÜV Approved Bagger Parts For Big Wheels

In 2013, Rick’s Motorcycles was the 1st company offering a European-manufactured and TÜV-approved 30-Inch front wheel. It is now followed with the development of a number of innovative and fully homologated system components for 21 to 30″ wheel equipped Baggers. At 37.5 lbs (17 kg) Rick’s 30” x 4” CNC aluminum wheel is stated by the […]

Choosing Motorcycle Tires Requires Understanding Their Numbering Through 3 Different Systems

Choosing the wrong tire can lead to tire failure or worse…Replacing your tires just requires to copy down the numbering of your current tires. Problems may arise, and it happens more often that you can think, when upgrading to a new brand or size. First things to do is to match your tires to the […]

New Front Fenders For 21”, 23”, 26” And 30” Bagger Wheels

Roaring Toyz released 2 new fender styles to compliment the tall size front wheels that many install on their baggers, The “Classic” (left picture) which is exactly that, classic in design and the “Wraparound” (right) which follows the radius of the wheel perfectly. The “Classic” is for Harley-Davidson Touring Models with a 21″ front wheel […]

New Harley-Davidson 19” And 16” Enforcer Wheels For Touring Models

Harley-Davidson® Touring model riders can roll some bling with the new Enforcer Custom Wheels (P/N 43300336 19-inch Front, P/N 40900346 16-inch Rear; $649.95 each) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories. These wheels are brilliant polished and chrome-plated versions of the split five-spoke cast aluminum wheels featured as Original Equipment on the 2014 Harley-Davidson Street […]

Riding A 30 Inch Custom Bagger. How Does It Feel?

Will have the opportunity very soon, but until now I never rode a 30 inch front wheel bagger. But moto journalist and friend of the industry Horst Roesler did it for me. And for this test ride, both in the Blackwood Forest mountain roads next to Baden-Baden and on the German autobahn, he borrowed the […]

New Custom Harley Wheels By Misfit Industries. New 32″ Size Included…

Misfit Industries has a new line of custom Harley Davidson wheels now available and in stock. This means when you order there is no waiting, the product ships immediately. Misfit Industries has teamed up with Mad Wheels to produce great designs for custom Harley touring and cruisers. The Misfit Ardent Wheel (top) and the Misfit […]




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