Tax Credit Of $4.5 Million for Harley-Davidson to Expand in Wisconsin

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that Harley-Davidson Motor Company will receive $4.5 million in enterprise zone jobs tax credits from the Department of Commerce to support an expansion of its Menomonee Falls facility, ongoing workforce training and development, and the continued growth of Harley-Davidson in Wisconsin. "A few weeks ago, many thought these additional jobs were heading out of Wisconsin, but the company, the union, and my administration never gave up," Governor Doyle said. "Because of our work together Harley will expand right here in Wisconsin and retain its operations in this state. People all over the world know that the greatest motorcycles are made by Harley-Davidson right here in Wisconsin. I am confident that Harley will continue to grow in Wisconsin and will always be proud to call Wisconsin home." The tax credits are tied to plans by Harley-Davidson to invest $300 million in the state over the next several years and will be used to facilitate the creation of up to 200 additional jobs and retention of the company’s approximate 4,100 existing Wisconsin jobs. About 100 of those new jobs are related to the planned Menomonee Falls plant expansion.

After considering expansion outside Wisconsin, the company and members of Local 2-209 of the United Steel Workers came to an agreement to expand powertrain facilities in Milwaukee – an expansion that will enable the company create new jobs in this state. Governor Doyle worked closely with the leadership of both the company and the union over many weeks to make sure that the powertrain expansion happens right here in Wisconsin.

2 Responses to “Tax Credit Of $4.5 Million for Harley-Davidson to Expand in Wisconsin”

  1. 1 Mona Dec 7th, 2006 at 12:59 pm

    Good that they’re keeping jobs in the US, bad that they’re getting such a hefty tax break!

  2. 2 Steve Dec 7th, 2006 at 8:12 pm


    A tax break for something we all love and is American born. i am so tired of buying an American product and dealing with customer service in India or the Phillipines. Ask someone in India what is better an 88 oe 103? Or if they have a Bobber frame and what is their answer. How about Cyril relocating to Bangladesh so more people could afford his masterpieces that even I cant afford and I make a 6 figure income. I can afford a Harley and I love my deluxe. If I ever had to call for service or saw on their made in “not USA” I am done and dont worry I will have the flag!!!! A tax break for Harley. Awesome Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Cyril hell anything made in the US should get it. To hell with the fence on the Mexican border. Now thats a waste of the taxpayers money or here is a better one; the Gulf War. I know that people that dont have money cry taxes. But dont cry if you responded to this for that reason. What ARE YOU DOING ON THIS WEB SITE IF YOU DONT OWN SOMETHING THAT OTHERS WOULD CALL A WASTE OF MONEY. I have a chrome oil cover. Wow was that important!

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