Authentic Vintage Tires

You all know that the bikes of the past, pre and post WW2, are today the main inspiration of the works of many well known custom builders. We can take inspiration for appearance and build these bikes with new parts having the look of the past, or faithfully reproduce or restore antiques. Easy for me to know when a style becomes popular with the public: starting 2 years ago, the shop e-mailbox started to fill with questions regarding Flatheads, Pans, Knuckles, Shovels engines, and Springer, Girder, Spring Leaf front ends. Then 1 year ago, I realized that the retro trend was even deeper than what I thought when we got flooded with questions about vintage tires. These authentic tires cannot be found in big distributor catalogs (CCI, Drag, Mid West, Mid USA). Reason why I write this post. Just to tell you that best source for your vintage motorcycle tires is a company caled Coker Tires. Not only they stock almost everything and anything you may want (for motorcycles, hot rods, vintage cars & trucks), but if you are lost and confused  looking for the correct tires for this special model (easy to be, trust me) they have a very knowledgeable staff to help you. Warning: tires of the past are not the best rubber to ride on. But nothing beats authenticity on a retro project.

Cyril Huze