Spade Velocity Stack

It surprises me that people ask me all the time what is my best selling custom part. Probably because I think you should not buy a part because of its marketing success but because it’s the right one for the look you are after for your own bike.. Anyway, my 2006 most selling item, in number of units, is my Spade Velocity Stack. I designed it to work well and look good both on radical bikes, bobbers and choppers. It is small and narrow to not interfere with your right leg, will increase engine air flow and includes a non restrictive screen. Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, it is highly polished, then beautifully chrome plated. Since it looks good painted or anodized, we know accept to sell it in machined finish. Fits S&S E & G and most custom applications. I was about to forget: it is the perfect complement of our Spade Sidemount Tag Light. Spade Velocity Stack and Spade Taglight..

Cyril Huze