But Where Is The Battery?

After publication of the Bobber “Bombshell” in the January issue of American Iron magazine, I received a lot of emails and calls about where was the battery installed, and from those who guessed right, how was it done?.  The desire to hide what is not of visual interest or at the opposite to show what seemed before without aesthetic value, have made builders very creative about locating their bikes batteries. Most common custom locations? Under the transmission, between the transmission & cases (if there is no frame mid post), behind the motor plate (a cut out in it may be necessary), at the bottom of the front down tubes (visible or hidden in a custom air dam), hanging on the rear left or right side of the frame, or hidden in a saddlebag.


Just a warning: the length and the routing of the battery cables can be an issue and a real headache. So, think about it before deciding, and like with all your electricity, cables & lines, rehearse first during the mockup phase. In the case of “Bombshell” these 2 pictures are self explanatory. To have a bag enduring time, rain and wash (leather not cracking/collapsing) the upholstery was done over a steel shell that we fabricated at the shop. Battery is held though a custom made strap. The bag is bolted to the frame through bungs welded inside the frame tubes. The battery cable to the starter runs invisibly inside the frame lower tube. It’s your turn: show me where you located your battery. Bobber Bombshell.      

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  1. 1 DJ Chopper God Jan 17th, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    I can’t lay claim to doing anything that tricky so I can’t show an example. But I have a project in the works where the battery may become an issue. This post has given me a few new ideas, or at least one!!! Very smart thinking Cyril.

  2. 2 John2fast Jan 18th, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    Very smart idea. Congrats.

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