Most Stolen Motorcycle Brands

While all motorcycles are vulnerable to theft, the 1st report on stolen bikes made by LoJack indicates that the most popular theft targets are the newer sport bikes. Four of the top five stolen/recovered bikes are sport bikes and 87 percent were either 2005 or 2006 models. Top five stolen motorcycle makes: 1. Suzuki 2. Honda 3. Yamaha 4. Kawasaki 5. Harley-Davidson. Newer bikes are top theft targets for a number of reasons. To begin with, they are typically in high demand and parts for new bikes aren’t always readily available. So, thieves have an opportunity to sell the bikes whole or disassemble them for parts, sometimes even selling parts online. In addition, proud owners of new motorcycles tend to ride their bikes a lot initially to show them to friends and relatives, and they often do not take the necessary theft protection measures. How LoJack for Motorcycles works? The product is directly integrated into law enforcement agencies in LoJack markets, is based on LoJack’s tried-and-true radio frequency technology, and is hidden on the bike so that thieves would not suspect the device exists and, therefore, would not attempt to find and disengage it. Taken together, these strengths enable LoJack to deliver highly effective, proven recovery systems.

2 Responses to “Most Stolen Motorcycle Brands”

  1. 1 Mike Kenny Apr 2nd, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    Problem is that it’s difficult to hide a lowjack on a minimalist chopper. Where?

  2. 2 Mike Apr 2nd, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Well keep Lojack and give me a tire iron. We as a small group of the population should police some of this ourselves. If a guy offers you a low miles KZ rocket engine for 1/3 the price then maybe you shouldn’t buy it. No market no money. I think some of the people want a worriless enviroment with the eye of government doing everthing for them. Shoot a few and beat a few down real good and reduce the criminal element at the same time. I ride a valuable bike but if I park it and walk away who’s fault is it when it gets ripped, mine. Stop bitching use common sense and keep your ass on the seat.

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