Taliban Favors Chinese-Built Honda Motorcycles.

As you can imagine, Taliban insurgents are not my favorite class of bikers. Since the Taliban regime was ousted in 2001 their motorcycles have become an emblem of swift and effective attacks. In 2003 their army was remobilizing in Pakistan and they bought 1,150 motorcycles. Their ride of choice? Chinese-built Honda 125cc motorcycles. They have become to the Taliban what the Humvees are to the American military. In 2002 the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, was reported to have fled from coalition forces on a motorcycle. A former Taliban commander, Mullah Abdul Salam Rocketi, was given his sobriquet for his ability to shoot down helicopters with shoulder-fired rockets while riding pillion on motorcycles. Journalist Soraya Nelson, the Afghanistan bureau chief for NPR (National Public Radio) traveled to Lashkargah, a city in the Taliban stronghold of Helmand, to talk to a mechanic who works on the motorcycles for the Taliban and find out what are the requests of the black-turbaned insurgents. What did she learned? 1- The mechanic is paid in cash (no surprise). 2- Each Taliban owned motorcycle breaks down at least 1 time a month (thank you China). 3- Taliban fighters have special custom requests like seats wrapped with thick blankets for smoother attacks and escapes, and strong headlights-a luxury-to find their way in the desert (yep, the guy is a custom builder). Please report to Homeland Security any black turbaned Afghan visiting the next Dealers V-Twin Expo.  

3 Responses to “Taliban Favors Chinese-Built Honda Motorcycles.”

  1. 1 Peter Cain Apr 20th, 2007 at 9:02 am

    So funny. Chinese make bikes breaking down all the time? And they don’t even wear a helmet? We gonna win the war.

  2. 2 robert Jun 28th, 2008 at 6:51 am

    oh i don’t think the evidence points to that…

    taliban: operating on a shoestring budget
    american military: 500 Billion per year budget

    do we suck that bad that we send almost our entire military, with a 500 billion annual budget, in possession of the finest military equipment available, and we still can’t defeat this rag-tag bunch of poorly trained monkeys riding craptastic chinese motorbikes opperating on a shoestring budget??

    it’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

  3. 3 american paratrooper Aug 10th, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    it’s because our troops are extremely restricted by our own rules of engagement, written by commanders who are in cozy air conditioned offices out of harm’s way. that is why we are losing despite “superior” equipment, budget, and any other supposed advantage we have.

    and humvees break down more than you would believe.

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