Tomorrow’s Automotive Colors

For those who don’t know, to be a Color Designer in the automotive industry is a real job with lots of responsibilities. Which colors people would like for their next factory car or motorcycle? Color Designers are supposed to know, or at least guess. Right now, orange is increasing in popularity and should last. Copper-tinged oranges can be found on everything from the Chevrolet Corvette to the Ford Edge SUV to the new Range Rover to the Mini. Greens are expected to see a resurgence as sales of hybrid vehicles increase. People like to advertise their car’s "greenness" in a fairly literal way. Greens have been on the out lately as blues have become more popular. For some inexplicable reason, blue and green always alternate in popularity. Ford is working on a new black for all it’s 2008 line (yes, there are many different blacks), but it’s still a secret (a black using flakes? To produce another color when light reflects on sharp edges?). Looking ahead, the next frontier in automotive colors is dull paint. By the 2010 model year, car manufacturers hope to produce special car colors with no shine, as dull as a chalkboard. Owners will have to be educated as to how to take care of the vehicles without waxing. Us, motorcycle designers, did we know in advance that dull colors are cool to accentuate the lines and shapes of a vehicle? Yes, we knew, and already did a lot of flat paint jobs on custom motorcycles..


Cyril Huze