Gladiator Freezerator

If you are passionate about bikes you spend a lot of days and nights working in your garage. If she agrees (huh, huh), you should be able to both eat & drink without leaving the new project you are working on. Anyway, I consider that a fridge is must have in a garage or shop. But of course, not any kitchen fridge. It must have the look and the features you need to survive while building non stop the next Easyriders Magazine centerfold. The Freezerator™ (I know, it sounds like a governor name) is a very special convertible refrigerator/freezer with the freezer compartment at the bottom and refrigerator on top. Simply turn the dial and the entire unit converts to a freezer, allowing even more freezer space. It’s 32.5” W x 31.5” D x 73” (H). I calculated that you could eat and drink during about 4 weeks without stepping outside the garage or inside the house. Convince your partner to get one by telling her that she will save trips to the supermarket. For the price of 3 good air cleaners you can order one online at California Car Cover. 

Cyril Huze