A Pro-Street Frame Engineered To Endure

Mike Beland of A1 Cycles in Florida builds unusual bikes with a tendency to go to the extreme by putting in the same frame 2 engines and of course 2 drivelines (and making them work). From this experience Mike has a taste for frames with fat tubes and extra heavy wall thickness. So, no surprise that his new frame, this one made for a solo engine, has all the characteristics of “All In” his “monster bike” winner of the 2007 Daytona Rat’s Hole Show. Tubes are 1 ½” with a  wall thickness of .120”,  and dual down tubes offer reliable handling even if you buy the biggest motor the industry can sell. This pro-street frame gets both an aerial and aggressive stance by combining a 6” out with a low neck raked at 38-degree to provide a good trail. It will accept up to a 310 mm rear tire with a right side transmission setup. Mike tells me that a full rolling chassis will be available very soon. Call him at 561=784-2992 or visit A1 Cycles  .         


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