Graffiti Chocolate Bars

When I built the “Graffiti Bobber”, I had to do some research on the best New-York artists. I found out that many went from exhibiting their talent on brick walls, subway stations, trains, etc to Soho art galleries where they make quite a bit of money. Yes, a graffiti painting looks good, especially in a loft. Now, I discover that these same artists who are now legends (Blade, Crash, The Wiz, Lady Pink, Voice of the Ghetto) are designing packaging for chocolate manufacturers. Why not? Especially when you know that the proceeds of these chocolate bars wrapped with graffiti art go to benefit the All-Stars Project, a charity that sponsors performing arts and development programs for youth and adults. Now, you get a good excuse to eat more chocolate. Buy a few of these treats ($40/set in several flavors (Milk Almond, Milk Cafetto, Caramel, Cookies-n-Cream), eat some and keep a few (if you can) for your art collection. In 10 years they will be worth??? Graffiti Chocolate Bars



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