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I bet with you that we are going to see a return to the enclosed primary system.Why? Because the open belt system is over used in all the new customs, and because of the uncertainties with the EPA new rules many will prefer now to customize a Harley. Most of these "stock bike" riders are going to keep the wet clutch system and change only the outer primary cover. And this one from Jay Brake (owner is Jay Brenard) has a retro look to emphasize the old school look. As a matter fo fact, I use it a couple o years ago on my Bobber "Graffiti". A matching transmission cover is available and the good thing is that they are made in the US. Maybe you didn’t know, but Jay produces many other parts than brakes. Jay Brake..     

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  1. 1 GARAGE GOON Jun 19th, 2007 at 3:08 am

    Retro Covers are kool, but the open primary rules!!!

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