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If you didn’t already know I am a fan of photography and of Japanese design. A passion started when, in another life in the advertising industry, me and my fellow admen were studying Japanese commercials for their beauty, simplicity and commercial efficiency. “The Japanese Tattoo” is not a new release, but still a masterpiece of rare life-size Polaroid photographs of Japanese tattoo artworks shot by Sandi Fellman. The 46 color plates in this book are disturbing, provocative, fascinating, beautiful pictures of full-body traditional tattooing of men & women.  The themes in the symbolism are timeless and the close-up views of the tattoos are so detailed –thanks also to the printer superb color separation- that you feel like you could actually reach out and touch the skin. This book is a reference to the Japanese repertoire of design and a must see if you are in tattoo, photography or elaborate design. The Japanese Tattoo

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  1. 1 GARAGE GOON Jun 23rd, 2007 at 6:42 am

    Finishing up a full stomach Samurai piece to go with my chest. Irezumi, literally meaning the ‘insertion of ink’ or more classically and elegantly ‘hori-mono’ meaning which is ‘carved’, sculpted’ or ‘engraved’. During the Edo period – 1603-1868 – Japanese tattoo art became a part of ukiyo-e – the floating world culture. Early Japanese prints are a major influence on modern art from Frank Loyd Wright to Jackson Pollock. Kool stuff and timeless.

  2. 2 MissBehavingChick Dec 28th, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    The Horiyoshi family has opened its first studio outside of Japan. Owned and operated by Horitaki, State of Grace is located in San Jose, California. State of Grace is located next to 45s Forever a thirty year family owned Harley shop.

    For more information

    Horitaki and my brother-in-law Roman Enriquez from 45sforever put on State a Grace Production Annual Tattoo Convention, here is a press release

    Horitaka’s first annual State of Grace Tattoo Expo was truly a five-star event reminiscent of the Tattoo Tour shows of the ’90s. Tattooing’s elite filled San Jose California’s, Parkside Hall and they were exhilerated by what they saw.

    Some of Japan’s premiere artists dominated the scene, with Horitomo, Horikoi, Hoirsho, and others all putting on quite a show. The renowned Horiyoshi III, who wasn’t able to attend, sent a beautiful letter of blessing to Horitaka, which was displayed near the doorway. Horiyoshi III also supplied the drawing used for the official poster.

    Newly named American born Horiyuki (Jill Bonny) represented the Stae of Grace shop, while some character impishly dubbed Horiklem represented Santa Cruz. Japanese American Maron Hasegawa won his 24th or 25th honors in a row with his impeccable Horiyoshi III full body suit.

    Meanwhile, working away on the floor, or in some cases just enjoying the scene, were Freddy Corbin, Juan Puente, Khalil Rintye, Aaron Bell, Jason Kundell, Big Gus, Paco Excell, Grime, George Campisi, the Humble Beginnings Polynesian Crew, the always exotice Braindrops, and famed Chinese transplant and San Jose resident Pinky Yun made a rare appearance for the tattoo lecture.

    Talk about tattooing’s elite, we can only hope that Horiyoshi III can make it to State of Grace II party next October. We’ll be there for sure.
    Jack Wyatt

    Here is a list of artist that attended this years Tattoo Convention

    Also check out my husband’s shop site

    Come join us in March for the State of Grace Party

    God Bless

    MissBehavingChick San Jose Calif.

  3. 3 Nicker Dec 28th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    went to your website.
    Sure would like to take a closer look at those flatty pics,
    but i’m not getting the link.

    Is-zat me or you-all….?
    Thanks in advance.


  4. 4 MissBehavingChick Dec 28th, 2007 at 11:35 pm


    which link are you having a problem with? is the site for State of Grace Tattoo Shop This site has links to he following:

    *San Jose Tatto Convention

    *Grimmelbein Kitamura Edition "The life and works of Japanese
    tattoo master,Horiyoshi III.

    Hopefully this information helps you

    btw what do you mean by "flatty pics"?

    waiting for a reply


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