Let’s Go To A Bike Show In Sweden

Mats Lovgren, editor of the Swedish magazine Big Twin writes to me: "Hello Cyril. As an editor of the Swedish Harley focused motorcycle magazine BigTwin I follow your blog with great interest. There are always new exciting companies, products, events and other things popping up there and they are usually great leads for us when it comes to providing our readers with new ideas on what to do with their bikes. A little more than a month ago we launched a new version of our website. It’s filled with lots of goodies from the magazine. Among them you can find 3 films shot at the Custom Bike Show in Norrtalje and a rather extensive slide show from the same event. I thought that maybe your readers would like to see more of that fantastic bike and others. Check here the 3 films (about the 1st movie: don’t they ride straight in Sweden?!?!) and the slideshow. A lot to see… 


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