Mordor Exhaust Tips

When Joe McGlynn from Crime Scene Choppers imagined these radical exhaust tips he didn’t even see the movie Lord Of The Rings. But when he showed his new creation to a couple of friends around him, they all said (add me) that they look like something evil built in Mordor. So, the name stuck. Since a couple of years I repeat that if you cannot come up with something original with exhausts shape, work on the tips. These Mordor babies are hand made in steel, high strength silver brazed, hand polished and chromed. They slip into standard 1.75" exhaust pipes, the most common size exhaust tube size used for bike exhaust. A single stainless screw holds them in place from behind. Mordor Exhaust Tips

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  1. 1 PHIL NAPALM BIKE Oct 15th, 2007 at 8:28 am

    Waow,it’s not for Hobbits pipes…really a great look,but I think in FRANCE it would not be possible to ride with …because the Cops. Nice and funny work. Congratulations.

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