It’s Official. S&S Buys Flathead Power

I got the news last week from a journalist in Sweden via another journalist in Japan. But S&S refused to confirm until the deal was closed today July 25th. S&S is right now “on the ground” of Flathead Power in Louisiana to package and load all the assets for shipment to the S&S facility in Viola, A longstanding customer-vendor relationship between S&S and Flathead Power helped facilitate this transaction. Since the fall of last year, S&S has been researching and pursuing opportunities to expand their product line and their overall market penetration.  Flathead Power, a company that services classic/vintage engine lines and components dating back to 1936, was a perfect compliment for the S&S product line and brand. Flathead Power manufactures high-quality, high performance parts, designed to lift Knuckleheads, Big Twin Flatheads and Indians out of the antique category and into the 21st century. The weaknesses inherent in the old designs have been eliminated through the use of better materials and by strengthening critical areas.  In addition to their famous Cylinders and Heads, Flathead Power offers a complete Single and Dual Carb Knuckle Engine assemblies up to 120" and Custom-built bikes, including the World’s First 1947-type FL Replica, "The Time Bandit. The acquisition of this Flathead Power’s assets and trade-name will allow S&S to sell complete engine assemblies and aftermarket components from 1936 year groups through 2007. The reasoning is that the classic/vintage market has been underserved, with pent up demand.  S&S is committed to servicing this demand while producing quality Proven Performance products with a high level of customer service.

2 Responses to “It’s Official. S&S Buys Flathead Power”

  1. 1 Troy Jul 26th, 2007 at 11:58 am

    That should give us a high quality Knucklehead at an affordable price.

  2. 2 stoneblue Jul 26th, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    Great merger….and 120″ knucklehead….flatout makes me happy!!!

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