Canadian Biker Build-Off And Niagara Falls

This weekend I have the best of both worlds. A motorcycle event surrounded by Canadian friends and the possibility, with these same friends, to ride the gorgeous Niagara region both on the Canadian & American side. During these 3 days I am going to take pictures and tell you about this 3rd edition of the Canadian Biker Build-Off to which I am invited. But today I was in a vacation mood and I want to tell you about the most surprising thing that I just learned while visiting Niagara Falls. Due to erosion, about 12,000 years ago, Niagara Falls was 7 miles downstream from its present location. Until the early 1950s, the Falls eroded at the average rate of one foot per year. Since then, major water diversions have spread out the flow more evenly, slowing the rate of erosion at the Falls. Now the erosion is only 1 foot every 10 years. It was my educative post. Talk to you tomorrow from the show.

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  1. 1 CJ "Warden" Hanlon Jul 30th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Cyril, enjoy your time buddy! While we’re down here sweltering and hiding from the rain you can do some really nice country side riding! Thanks for the educative post too…can’t have enough edge-u-kation!

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Cyril Huze