Street Vibrations In Reno Nevada Is September 19-23

More than 30,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected in Reno, NV from September 19-23, 2007 for the 14th edition of Street Vibrations. Never been there but Vibrations participants say they like the people they meet in Reno, the way they are treated by the hotel-casino’s and the twisty roads of the area. Ranked the 6th largest motorcycle event in the nation, Street Vibrations boasts motorcycle give-away, a championship boxing tournament, an all female roller derby bout called Rink Rash Rally, ride-in shows, live entertainment, great food vendors, a tattoo expo and of course a selection of the finest Custom Bike Builders. The extremely popular Dyno Drags will return to Reno Harley-Davidson to let participants see how fast their bike can really go. Reno Harley-Davidson has expanded their location and they will have more vendors than ever. 25 of the newest Harley-Davidson models will be on hand for licensed motorcycle riders to try. Street Vibrations 

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