Learn How To Work On an S&S X-Wedge Engine

Since the release of the X-Wedge engine during the fall of 2007, demand for training has been high, and the company offered Dealers a four-day class. In summer, a consumer technical training program will also be available.  Two days of the class is spent working with the engine from a mechanical standpoint, learning the belt-drive three cam set-up, assembling the new crankshaft assembly, installing the oil pump and installing the new fuel-injection system. The second two days are spent in VFI (Variable Fuel Injection) training class, since the X-Wedge is only available with fuel injection. Classes will be available to S&S dealers immediately and can be found on the S&S website at S&S Cycle Website and clicking on the Dealers Center button. A consumer technical training class will be held during the week of S&S Anniversary Celebration. It will be a 3-day class offered for $1100 and will provide an in depth look at S&S SH, T, V and Wedge series engines. Limited seating. To register contact the instructors at train@sscycle.com.   

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  1. 1 Joseph Kava Jan 15th, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    S&S the best!

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    Great blogging stuff Cyril. Love your daily news. Very useful.

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